Costs of a pre-master's programme

The costs of a pre-master's programme differ from those of a bachelor's or master's programme. As a student, you will not pay tuition for a pre-master's programme. Instead you will pay a fee per EC (course credit).

What is the amount of EC for your pre-master's programme?

The costs of the pre-master's programme depend on the amount of EC the programme consists of. A sum has been determined for a 30 EC programme, and you will pay a proportionate sum depending on the EC of your pre-master's programme. Every study year, the sum per EC will be reassessed. The entire fee will have to be paid in advance and a refund (of a part of the fee) in case of early deregistration from your pre-master's programme is not possible.

Pre-master's students requiring entry visa/residence permit

The visa application process will be started after the University of Twente has received the tuition fees. Please have a look at the deadlines for more information. Dutch law classifies pre-master's students as master's students. Pre-master's students are therefore required to pay the full tuition fees for one study year applicable to the chosen Master's programme in advance. The difference between pre-master fee and full master fee, will be refunded by the University of Twente.

Read on for additional information and up-to-date sums.

Transfer minor as 'free' pre-master's programme

If you choose to fit your pre-master's programme into your bachelor's programme, then you can avoid paying any additional costs; after all you are already paying tuition for your current bachelor's programme. For all intents and purposes, the pre-master's programme is 'free' in this case. Would you like to know if you can take up the pre-master's programme as part of the minor for your bachelor's programme? Check the information for university of applied sciences (HBO) students and university students on transfer options during your bachelor's programme.

Dutch student grant with master's programme after university of applied sciences (HBO)

In most cases, you have already received the Dutch student grant as a performance-related grant at the HBO for four years. If you begin your first master's programme on or after 1 September 2015, you will fall under the new student grant system for that programme (student loan system).

With a two-year master's programme, you are still eligible for one year of student loans (two in case of Technical Medicine) after the four-year performance-related grant. You will not receive a basic grant in the Dutch financial assistance for students system. Instead, you can take a loan. You will receive the supplementary grant and student travel product, if eligible. After the performance-related grant period and/or student loan you also have the option of taking out a loan with the Education Executive Agency (DUO) for a maximum period of three years. The student travel product is only available for the first year of this loan.

Visit the Duo website or a student counsellor for more information on the Dutch student grant or for personal advice.

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