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Continue your studies after your university bachelor's programme

After your university bachelor's programme you can further specialize pursuing a master's programme. You can choose a master's programme that is the direct follow-up to your bachelor's programme or you can choose a master's programme in a slightly different field or at a different institution.

Why go for a pre-master's programme?

With a university bachelor's degree

Your university bachelor's programme will not always grant you direct access to the master's programme of your choice. To improve your skills and to learn additional knowledge before the start of your master's programme you must in some cases complete a pre-master's programme to ensure that you meet the programme aims of the master's programme within 60 EC or 120 EC.

Every master's programme has its own pre-master's programme that prepares you for the master's programme of your choice. You will thus need to complete the pre-master's programme at the institution that offers the master's programme in question, which in this case is the University of Twente. The study workload, or number of EC the pre-master's programme consists of, depends on your previous education and will not be the same for everyone. Pre-master's programmes for university students range between 15-60 EC.

Two ways to transfer

If you have to complete a pre-master's programme

If you have to complete a pre-master's programme for the master's programme you wish to pursue, then you have two options as a university student:

1. Pre-master's programme after your university bachelor's degree

You can choose to first get your university bachelor's degree and then transfer to the master's programme of your choice. This means that if you do not have direct access you will first have to complete the pre-master's programme before you can start the master's programme. On top of the one-year or two-year master's programme you will have to take additional time for the pre-master's programme into account. Once you have successfully completed that you can begin the master's programme in September or February in some cases.

2. Pre-master's programme as a minor

If during your university bachelor's programme you already decided that you wish to continue your studies in a different field, you could make your pre-master's programme part of your bachelor's programme in the shape of a minor. This saves you time – you can immediately transfer to the master's programme of your choice – and costs – you will not pay extra for the pre-master's programme because you are already paying tuition for your bachelor's programme.

To include a pre-master's programme as a minor you will need the approval of the admission boards of the intended master's programme and of your current university bachelor's programme. Your current bachelor's programme has to agree to you including the pre-master in your curriculum. Be sure to ask about the possibilities beforehand.

More information

Are you already a student of the University of Twente and would you like to transfer within the University of Twente? Check the transfer matrix for UT students to see which master's programmes are accessible to you with your bachelor's programme. If you are not a UT student yet and if you are interested in one of the master's programmes we offer, then check the information on the master's programme page of the master's programme you intend to pursue or contact the study adviser.

You can also visit the Master's Open Day to find out more about your transfer options. See our information page for dates.

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