Starting a pre-master's programme

Pre-master Application route

The application process for the pre-master's programme depends on your personal situation (application during or after your bachelor's programme) and your previous education (e.g. university of applied sciences (HBO) or (reserach) university background).

Before you apply, make sure to check whether you have a related previous education (this matrix gives you an idea which programmes are related). You alsoneed to check if you meet programme-specific admission requirements.

Application Deadlines

Keep an eye on the application deadlines and check them prior to your application (pre-master and master deadlines are most of the times identical). However, the deadline for university of applied sciences (HBO) students depends on the route you chose. For a pre-master's programme during a HBO bachelor's programme – the so-called transfer minor – the deadline is earlier than the deadline for a pre-master's programme after the HBO programme.

University bachelor's students: start via pre-master

You cannot apply for a pre-master's programme directly. You always have to apply for a Master's programme. After assessing your master’s application our Admission Office informs you if you are admissible and whether you need to follow a pre-master's programme before starting the particular master’s programme.

So please follow the application procedure for Master's programmes which fits your educational background, even if you assume that you need pre-master’s programme.

applied sciences (HBO Bachelor) students starting with a pre-master

For HBO students, the application procedure depends on the chosen route:

  1. Procedure for a pre-master's programme with a completed HBO educational programme
  2. Procedure for a pre-master's programme (transfer minor) during an HBO educational programme

UT bachelor's students

There are specific application rules for current UT bachelor's students. If you wish to include the pre-master's programme as a minor, you should consult both the current bachelor's programme and the master's programme of your choice about the possibilities.

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