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Are you busy scanning the globe for a university offering the perfect study programme and environment?

Are you looking for a study at a top-class university in Europe that aims for societal impact through high-quality education, research, and entrepreneurship? The University of Twente offers a wide range of highly rated, innovative study programmes. With three powerful research institutes and around 400 labs, you have access to a first-class research and learning environment. Studying with us will give you excellent international experience and an outstanding kickstart for your future career.

Here are the top reasons why studying at UT is a smart choice. 

A technical university that puts people and planet first

Do you want to contribute to a healthier, smarter, and more sustainable world? Then you are a perfect fit to be part of our ambitious community. All of our education and research is aimed at coming up with solutions for today’s challenges. Whether it’s about improving food security in Africa, devising a smart app that can support patients with diabetes, or realising the transition to electric vehicles. With a UT degree, you can make a difference!

Great student life with many student associations

Enschede is a real student city with more than 30,000 students and over 140 different study, sports, cultural, social, and international associations. Joining an association will support you with everyday situations and help you settle in and make friends. But first, you start your student life with the introduction week ‘The Kick-In’: the absolute best way to meet other students and explore the campus and all other aspects of your future student life! 

One of our University's crown jewels is undoubtedly our campus. A green and lively environment that covers 146 hectares – approximately 200 football fields. Here, you can find everything you need to learn, work and live. A campus with the hustle and bustle of a small metropolis and a dynamic, international community to live and work in. More about our campus and its facilities

Benefit from a personal approach

Dutch education is known worldwide as highly interactive, with a strong emphasis on collaboration and independent, proactive thinking. At UT, we go one step further. During your programme, you will work in teams on challenging real-life projects. By working together, you will develop academic knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship, research and design and discover which role suits you best.

Do you have a question for your teachers outside lecture time? Just knock on their office doors! Our university is small-scale, meaning the lecturer knows your name and helps you personally. As a result, you not only benefit from personalised teaching, but you also quickly feel safe and at home.

We believe change requires personality, not just intelligence. This is why we invest heavily in your personal growth as a student. We don’t just transfer knowledge, we also help you find the best way in which you can put that knowledge to use in the real world, whether as an entrepreneur, organiser or designer of solutions.  

The University of Twente in a glance

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The most entrepreneurial university 

At UT, you can turn your business idea into reality. Since its founding in 1961, UT has become an international platform for talent, attracting students who all share a curious, entrepreneurial spirit. With over 1,000 start-ups to our name, UT is recognised as the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands. We are keen to put your scientific knowledge to practical use in solutions that people and society need. Your innovative ideas, creativity and the courage to step out will be rewarded.

Gaining expertise while broadening your horizon 

We know that problems cannot be solved with one discipline. That is why we highly value interdisciplinary collaboration. At UT, you will not only be able to gain in-depth expertise and become a specialist in your own field, but you will also learn to look beyond the boundaries of your own discipline. So don’t be surprised to see that you can follow courses of other programmes, or collaborate in a project with students from a different background! 

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