Following a pre-master's programme during your university of applied sciences (HBO) programme

If you want to do the pre-master's programme during your HBO programme, as a transfer minor, you will need to apply through Kies Op Maat (KOM). By using KOM you can enter into a learning agreement between you, your university of applied sciences and the University of Twente. This will allow you to apply for the transfer minor of your choice free of charge. The transfer minor will count as a minor due to the learning agreement.

Note: each master's programme has its own transfer minor!

Admission requirements

To ensure a successful application it is important that you meet the admission requirements set by the University of Twente regarding the transfer during your university of applied sciences (HBO) bachelor's programme, as well as any additional requirements of the master's programme you wish to follow. Make sure to read them thoroughly!

Deadline application transfer minor

You can find the application period for the transfer minors on the deadlines page and on the Kies Op Maat website under each module. As a university of applied sciences (HBO) student, you must make sure that the KOM learning agreement, with the approval of your examination board, is in possession of the University of Twente contact before the end of that application period. Do not postpone until the final day. The contact's information is included in the learning agreement.

How to apply

Please follow the application instructions.

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