A pre-master is a transfer programme for University of Applied Sciences students or Research University Bachelor's students who wish to obtain a university Master's degree, but who cannot be admitted directly. Students with a related previous education can enrol in the pre-master's programme to obtain sufficient knowledge and skills to be able to participate in the master's programme.

transfer programme

A pre-master is a transfer programme intended to bridge the gap between your current bachelor's programme and your future master's programme. It serves to prepare you for the master's programme of your choice. There is no general programme; every master's programme has its own pre-master's programme. Naturally, acquiring the required domain-specific knowledge is an essential part of the programme. Moreover, the pre-master can contain a mathematical and methodological component and acquiring the necessary academic skills is important for university of applied sciences (HBO) students.

After your admittance to the (pre-)master's programme and after successful completion, i.e. you obtained the required number of EC credits, you can start with the master's programme of your choice.

Student ambassador
Arlette Nieswaag
2nd year student master Construction Management & Engineering

Hello future pre-Master students! I finished my bachelor ‘Civil Engineering’ at Saxion (University of Applied Sciences) located in Enschede. read more about my transfer from hbo to UT.

Continue studying or not?

Will you continue studying or will you make a start in the labour market? Take a good look at the reasons why you should continue your studies and obtain your university Master's degree!

Reasons to continue studying

  • You can continue your personal development by acquiring new knowledge and academic skills
  • You can specialize in a specific academic field
  • You will get the opportunity - as a university bachelor student - to immerse yourself in the new subject matter by choosing a master's programme that differs from your bachelor's programme
  • You will have the opportunity to do research; a university Master's degree is a requirement for obtaining a research position
  • As a university of applied science student (HBO) you will be able to combine the best of two worlds. You can combine your practical HBO knowledge with academic skills of university education;
  • Finally, you can increase your chances of a job after completing a university master's programme and will generally have a higher starting salary.

during or after your bachelor's?

There is no real difference, the programme is identical. However, the route you choose after or during your Bachelor's programme is different. For university of applied sciences (HBO) students, pursuing the pre-master's programme as a minor programme is called a transfer minor. There are set programmes for HBO-students, which means taking up a transfer minor is always an interesting choice. For university students, the pre-master's programme is tailor-made and the programmes are currently in full development as a result of educational developments at the University of Twente. Be sure to inquire after the possibilities of making the pre-master's programme the minor of your university bachelor's programme.

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