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Continue studying after your university of applied sciences (HBO) programme

Start working or continue studying after your HBO programme – that’s the question. You can immediately set out on the labour market with your HBO degree, but you can also choose to continue your studies and thereby increasing your chances on the labour market. A university master's programme allows you to specialize in a specific field, which alongside your broad and practical HBO education means you can get the best from both worlds. There is also the option of venturing into research, should you so desire.

Taking a university master's programme after the university of applied sciences (HBO)

The University of Twente offers a number of master's programmes in various fields ranging from behavioural sciences and management and governance to natural sciences and engineering. With related programmes there is often the possibility to access the master's programme of choice through a corresponding pre-master's programme. The pre-master's programme is intended to teach you the knowledge and skills required to start a university master's programme. View the master's programme overview.

Two ways to transfer

From university of applied sciences (HBO) to the university master's programme

If you have been admitted to a master's programme on the condition that the corresponding pre-master's programme is completed, then you can choose two ways of resolving your deficiency courses. You can enrol in the pre-master's programme after your HBO bachelor's programme or you can already take up the pre-master's programme during your HBO programme, within the context of your minor.

Below you can find a schematic overview of study programmes per study route.

1) Pre-master's programme after obtaining the university of applied sciences (HBO) degree

You can gain access to the master's programme with an HBO degree if you took a related bachelor's programme and meet the admission requirements. After successfully completing the corresponding pre-master's programme, you can begin a one-year or two-year master's programme.

>> Pre-master's programme after obtaining HBO degree

2) Switching during HBO by means of the transfer minor

If you are pursuing a related bachelor's programme and meet the admission requirements, then you can use your minor during your HBO bachelor's programme to complete (part of) the pre-master's programme and transfer to a one-year or two-year master's programme at an increased pace.

>> Transfer minor during your HBO programme

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