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In addition to the bachelor’s and master’s programmes, the excellence programmes and education for professionals, the University of Twente offers online training in various exciting fields of expertise. 

Via the British platform FutureLearn these free courses are available to everyone. Video lectures are combined with self-study, assignments and online interaction to make learning an enjoyable and social experience! GoodHabitz is another online learning platform with more than a hundred courses free available for UT students and staff.

Platform Future learn

Through the worldwide platform Future Learn, UT offers a variety of MOOCs on human resource management, eHealth, ultrasound imaging, supply chain innovation en philosophy of technology and design, to name a few examples.

Current UT MOOC program

eHealth: Combining Psychology, Technology, and Health

eHealth: Combining Psychology, Technology, and HealthHow can technology make you healthy? Learn about the design, application, implementation and evaluation of eHealth.
In this free online course, we will provide you with insight into the domain of eHealth, describe methods to develop eHealth, and explain theories that enable behaviour change and facilitate implementation. You will also understand how eHealth technologies are developed and used in practice, by means of a variety of case studies, assignments and examples.

Nanotechnology for Health: Innovative Designs for Medical Diagnosis

Man standing with arms wide looking futuristic in blue neon stripesDiscover how types of nanotechnology can be used for exciting new opportunities in healthcare.
On this course, you’ll explore the potential of nanotechnology products in medical applications, to create new devices that can be used to diagnose a disease or monitor a medical treatment

Supply Chain Innovation: How Technology Can Create a Sustainable Future

A container shipUnderstand how new technologies can make supply chains more sustainable and learn how to deal with today's trends.
In this course you will learn why managing supply chains is important and challenging. It is a key activity for both large multi-national companies as well as for small businesses. We’ll find out how to design supply chains that meet future economic, environmental and social requirements.

Technology Entrepreneurship: How to Start a New Venture

Person hanging face down with metal hat with a burning light and with dark goggles.Find out how to recognise, develop and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities. Start your own entrepreneurial venture.
In this free online course, you’ll learn from experienced technology entrepreneurs and educators from the University of Twente how to address three crucial questions along the path towards a financially sustainable venture. You’ll find out how to recognise, evaluate and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities.

The Future of Human Resource Management (HRM)

Group of office workers seen from aboveDiscover the possibilities of the future of people management, from HRM technology and innovation to job design.
On this course, you’ll explore human resource strategies that are meaningful to practice, grounded in research, and built for the future.You’ll discover why HRM is the responsibility of all organisational members, including employees, line managers, and C-suites and learn why people management practices can only become future-proof through customisation.

Ultrasound Imaging: What Is Inside?

Photograph of an ultrasound scan taking placeWhat is an ultrasound scan, and how do they work? Discover the science of ultrasound and understand its clinical uses.
With this ultrasound imaging course, you’ll explore some of the main principles behind this fascinating technology. Starting with an ultrasound definition and working your way through the science behind the process, you’ll learn about the clinical applications of an ultrasound scan.

Platform Goodhabitz

UT offers you the possibility to make free use of GoodHabitz. This is an online learning platform with more than 100 online courses in all kinds of areas. These vary from personal effectiveness to Office, from strategic thinking to social intelligence.

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