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Choosing a study is an important, exciting decision.

When you choose a study programme, you are laying down a large part of your future. Therefore, it is important that you make a wise choice. This handy step-by-step plan will help you in your search for the course of study that suits you best.

Step-by-step plan

  • Step 1: Discover your talent

    Gather information about yourself. What are you passionate about? What do you like? What do you do well? What do you have a talent for? Think carefully about what you need to do to find out as much as possible.

    • Write down where your interests and talents lie
    • Talk to your study counsellor at school
    • Ask your counsellor for information about the University of Twente we provide to all schools. Our students may come and visit your school and tell you about the various bachelor’s programmes and possibilities, and what it is like to study at the University of Twente (for Dutch students only)
    • Pre-U offers a variety of exploratory specialisation activities to find out where your interests lie. You can, for example, follow a master class in which you explore a particular theme. We can also provide you with help in performing your subject cluster assignment (for Dutch students only)
  • Step 2: Orientate yourself

    What do you consider is important in your future studies? And which university suits you best? Make a list for yourself and explore further. Consider, for example, the content of the programme, the teaching method, career prospects, but also the atmosphere at the faculty and the university. Everyone explores this in their own way.

    Tip! Do you already know what programme you want to follow, but are you undecided about what university to go to? Then take part in one of our activities or events from our study choice calendar.


    • Chat, call or email our Study Information Centre
    • Meet our representatives at education fairs abroadPerhaps, the University of Twente is visiting your country to introduce students to our study programmes.
    • Visit our Bachelor Open Day: a visit allows you to obtain preliminary information about what the programme of your choice entails, how the curriculum is structured, what specialisations there are, for what jobs you will be trained and what your options are on the labour market. In addition, you can taste the atmosphere at the University of Twente and its faculties so you get a better picture.
  • Step 3: Look and compare

    Have you become interested in one or more studies? Then compare the programmes at different universities. Examine the programmes and find out what university you really feel at home at.

    How can you get to know UT? Take part in one of the activities or events in the study choice calendar. For example, attend an Open Day or plan an online meet-up with a student! Ask all of your questions when you meet our students and lecturers. 

  • Step 4: Make your decision

    Have you performed various study orientation activities? Have you received sufficient information? Then determine which study suits you best. Above all, follow your own feelings; after all, it is your choice.

    Ask yourself a few questions before you apply for a study:

    • Have I adequately prepared myself?
    • Does admission to my programme of choice involve a draw?
    • Is selection decentralized?
    • Do I have the right profile?

    Study check

    Make sure you apply before the deadline. It is important to register as early as possible. Not only because UT will be able to process your application in time, but especially because you will then be able to participate in the final study check activities to verify whether you have made the right choice.

    Check the specific bachelor’s programme website for the detailed matching information for each programme.

  • Step 5: Sign up

    Once you have registered for a programme before the deadline, the programme committee may invite you to participate in an obligatory or voluntary matching activity. Consider this as a final study choice check. The activity may differ per programme as the various programme boards determine what the matching activity entails and whether participation is compulsory.

    Tip! Check the bachelor’s programme website for the specific matching information for each programme

  • Step 6: Make the match

    If you have signed up before 1 May (VISA students) or 1 July (non-VISA students), you will receive an invitation to take part in a study choice check. This is a final check aimed at helping you and our programme staff to see whether you have made the right choice. This check is mandatory for some programmes.

Get help choosing a study

What will you study and where? The University of Twente helps you choose! Sign up for one of our orientation events as the Open Days, a Student for a day or an online meet-up with a student.

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