Some weeks ago, our new programme director Dr. Rita Kizito participated in two interviews for Shaping2030, the mission, vision and strategy of the University of Twente for the coming decade. Additionally, we talked to her about her first months at University college Twente. Get to know rita by reading the stories below.

This past semester, University College Twente has welcomed a new programme director, Dr. Rita Kizito. With an extensive background in education and curriculum creation we look forward to seeing what new ideas Rita can bring to the table. We had a brief online call in which she shared how she was settling in and what she has learnt about the programme now that she is here and working with teachers and students.

Her first weeks were hectic. Meeting not only ATLAS staff and students, but people from the University of Twente and ITC faculty which we are part of lead to a full calendar. These weeks also coinciding with our November open days meant she was able to meet some students as well. These first weeks reconfirmed for Rita that ATLAS is a great programme for what it aims at achieving and does not seek to change the mandate and values but rather help communicate them to help others understand. Additionally, she shared great news of our further integration into the ITC faculty. Constructive, open and encouraging meetings meant progress is being made in terms of how ATLAS and ITC can work together and help each other, especially during these volatile times.

Dr. Rita Kizito
“We are often called a bubble, but we need a permeable membrane to let people, ideas and support in”

Rita was impressed by how committed staff have been over these past months. It has been a balancing act of understanding where students and teachers limits lie in rising to these new challenges. Whilst in certain areas, such as student well being additional help is needed, the staff was ready to try and do everything they could to help. An initiative she mentioned in conjunction to this was the introduction of new and more student assistants. This provides students with an opportunity to grow outside of their own class room and can help manage some of the workload of teachers. If set up well this can benefit all involved greatly.

These upcoming months will be busy with setting up such new initiatives, and continuing getting to know ATLAS and its students. The next big milestone will be upcoming graduates. “I look forward to watching this year’s capstone projects to see what students ATLAS creates.”

In the interview stories below, you can read more about Rita, her South-African heritage and her view on community, something that is very important for our UCT community. These interviews were held for Shaping2030, the mission, vision and strategy of our university for the coming decade.

Grace Wachter
Writer, Class of 2021
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