Choosing a bachelor's but missed the Online Open Day?

As a graduate of University College Twente, the possibilities for your future career are virtually endless. With your degree, you will be able to join any master's at the University of Twente or countless other master's programmes throughout the world.

Continue studying

The large majority of our students continues studying after graduating from University College Twente. Because of the highly personalised curriculum of UCT, no graduate will be the same. Everyone has their own unique profile and thus their own starting point for their journey after UCT. That’s why students went on to follow highly various master’s at many different universities worldwide. Curious where they ended up? Check out the selection below:

  • Joint Master’s in Artificial Intelligence – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & University of Amsterdam
  • Master’s in Biomedical Engineering – University of Twente
  • Master’s in Business Information Technology – University of Twente
  • Master’s in Climate Change – University College London
  • Master’s in Development Studies – University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • Master’s in Econometrics – Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Master’s in International Relations and World History – University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China
  • Master’s in Interaction Technology – University of Twente
  • Master’s in Nanotechnology – University of Twente
  • Master’s in Quantum Physics – University of Copenhagen
  • Joint Master’s in Sustainable Development – University of Graz & University of Venice

And the list continues. As you can see, your options are nearly endless! Whether you want to keep studying at the University of Twente or want to embark upon a completely new journey at another university, either in the Netherlands or abroad: it is up to you! You can be admitted into a high variety of master’s programmes – provided it fits your profile and you comply with the assumed knowledge and other prerequisites, of course.

Your career

As you might guess, graduates of University College Twente go on to fulfil highly various jobs. What your career will look like, depends on the profile you’ve built within UCT and also the education you pursued afterwards.

Some of our graduates now work as software developers or data scientists, whereas others work as a business development consultant, life cycle analyst or educational material developer, to name just some of the numerous examples.

Start up your own business

Are you a real entrepreneur? You could also start up your own company after graduation! With many start-ups having been launched here, the University has been voted the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands multiple times.

Former students have gone before you. For example, one of our students has started up Myst Works, a company focusing on aerial robotics solutions for emergency services. Will you be the next one to start up your own successful start-up?

Pursue an academic career

You could also delve deeper into academic research and pursue a PhD after obtaining your Master’s. In that case, you will conduct independent research at a university for a number of years (usually three to four years) and it will eventually earn you the title of Doctor (Dr). You can pursue a PhD here at the University of Twente, at the Twente Graduate School, or any other university worldwide. Several graduates of University College Twente have done a PhD before:

- PhD in Applied Physics at TU Delft

- PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Twente

-  PhD in Sociology at the University of Oxford

-  PhD in Water Management and Engineering at the University of Twente

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