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  • Can I register for more than one study programme with a mandatory matching procedure?

    You can register for register for more than one study programme with a mandatory matching procedure.

    See info Studielink.

  • How do I register for the double degree TCS-AM? 

    You register for both study programmes via Studielink. To be able to participate in the double degree programme you need to meet the admission criteria of both study programmes, meaning you will have to participate in the mandatory matching procedure of the TCS programme. If you have not completed the matching procedure for TCS, you cannot study the double degree TCS-AM either.

  • I am currently a Twente Pathway College student or planning to enrol in the Twente Pathway College next year. How can I apply for the TCS programme? 
  • I do not yet meet the admission criteria of TCS, at what date do I need to comply?

    See the given deadlines

  • Can I study TCS if I have a HBO diploma?

    Yes, but… Would you like to follow a master's after graduating from a university of applied sciences (Dutch HBO)? Find out more about the conditions for admission with an HBO degree.   

  • Can I still apply after 30 April?

    Enrolment for the upcoming academic year is only possible through the Dutch national enrolment system Studielink, which closes on 1 May. If you were not able to enrol before 30 April 23:59 CET due to unforeseen circumstances, you can write a substantiated request to the Admission Office as soon as possible after 30 April. The request needs to be accompanied by one or two pieces of evidence.

  • I have received a positive advice, what do I need to do now?

    Congratulations, you are one step further in the process of enrolment for Technical Computer Science. Follow the steps of finalising your enrolment from the email you receive from the Admissions Office. Payment of the tuition fee is one of the essential steps there. 

    You still need to fulfil all the admission requirements including proving the required level in mathematics and English. 

    If you have questions regarding the enrolment process, please check the FAQ Admission or send an email to studentservices@utwente.nl

  • I have received a negative advice. Does this mean I cannot study TCS?

    The advice given is non-binding. You may continue finishing your enrolment. However, we do advise you to reconsider your choice for TCS and consider alternative programmes at the UT or elsewhere. If you like to discuss your considerations with a study adviser, please send an e-mail to intake-tcs-eemcs@utwente.nl

  • What is the difference between registration and enrolment?

    Registration and enrolment are two different courses of action. You register for a programme via Studielink. Subsequently there are several steps to be taken to prove your admissibility. One of the steps is completing our TCS matching procedure. Enrolment will take place after you have received an advice and have completed all steps of the enrolment procedure, of which the payment of the tuition fee is considered essential.   

  • I have completed the matching procedure, but I require a visa or residence permit. What should I do now?

    If you require an entry visa and/or a (new) residence permit, you will be contacted by email by our visa office to guide you through each step of the process. For more information, please check the following webpage: https://www.utwente.nl/en/education/student-services/visa/.   

  • I have completed the matching procedure, but how can I find housing?

    You can find more information on how to find housing on the following web pages. 


  • Are there costs connected to participation in the matching procedure?

    No, there are no other costs than your expenses for traveling to the campus.

  • Which email address will be used for communication? 

    We use the email address you registered in Studielink. You are responsible for checking your inbox and spam box during the entire matching procedure.

  • I already have programming experience. Does that count in the procedure? 

    No, for the matching procedure foreknowledge of programming is not needed. However, it can help you during the matching procedure and once you are a TCS-student. 

  • Are my high school grades of influence on the outcome of the matching procedure?

    No. Uploading your grades is necessary to complete your application to partake in the matching procedure. They are not part of the matching procedure itself. 

  • I want to re-enroll for TCS, do I have to partake in the matching procedure?

    Yes, if you have already been admitted to and enrolled in Technical Computer Science before September 2023 and want to re-register, you do have to take part in the matching procedure. Mention your re-enrolment circumstances as well as any other relevant details when filling in the questionnaire. 

  • I have a complaint regarding the matching procedure. Where can I file a complaint regarding the selection procedure?

    If you have comments regarding the matching procedure, please contact us via intake-tcs-eemcs@utwente.nl. If you feel disadvantaged by the state of affairs, you can lodge a complaint via the UT Complaints Desk.  


  • I have a question regarding the matching procedure other than the questions above. Where can I send my question?

    You can send your questions to intake-tcs-eemcs@utwente.nl.

  • I have a question regarding application and enrolment other than the questions above. Where can I send my question? 

    You can send your questions to studentservices@utwente.nl

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