Third year of Psychology

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Half of the third year consists of elective subjects, allowing you to pursue your own ambitions and interests; the other half is devoted to Module 11 and the graduation assignment. 

  • Year 3EC

Module 9 and 10: electives

For the electives you have several options:

Module 11: History, Ethics and Philosophy of Psychology

In this module, you will focus on reflective topics, such as the history of psychology and philosophy of science and psychology. You will also explore the ethics of practising psychology, and the problems psychologists face in their profession.

Module 12: graduation

You will complete the Bachelor’s programme with a Bachelor’s thesis in one of the Psychology application domains in which the University of Twente operates. In your graduation project, you will tackle a problem scientifically. You will conduct literature research, develop a plan for your own research, collect and analyse data yourself and report on your study in the form of an article. You could research, for example, Positive Psychology interventions for addictions. Or the psychological problems faced by the partners of cancer patients. Another option is to study how people come to lie or mislead others, or to design a simulation-based training for medical procedures. You will carry out your Bachelor’s project independently under the guidance of a UT supervisor. 

Both modules 11 and 12 are spread throughout the entire second semester.

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