Mechanical Engineering

Admission bachelor's programme Mechanical Engineering

You will be directly admitted to the Bachelor's programme if you possess a Dutch ‘vwo’ diploma with a profile in Natuur & Techniek (nature and technology).  If you have done another profile, you have to have Wiskunde B (advanced mathematics) and Physics in your profile in order to be able to begin the programme.


Mathematics is an indispensable part of all science programmes. Experience shows that when studying Mechanical Engineering your chances of success are greater if you are good at science subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry) than if you have difficulty with them. If you don’t feel like you are at the right level, you can do a mathematics course at the University of Twente during the summer holidays.

Study orientation

At the University of Twente we believe it is important for you to choose a programme that suits you, so that you can complete your studies successfully. That is we offer activities to make sure you have the right information and expectations about our programmes.

Study orientation for MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

If you are currently at the Dutch ‘vwo’ 6 level and are thinking of starting the Mechanical Engineering programme next school year, you can sign up for an interview with one of the programme's staff, however, this is not mandatory. To make sure that the interview is beneficial for both parties, we ask you to complete the following steps beforehand:

  • Attend to one of our Open Days.
  • Attend a Student for a Day programme. Sign up here to be a Student for a Day.
  • Sign up to study Mechanical Engineering via Studielink before May 1st.
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If you have taken these three steps, you are welcome to talk with someone from the programme to confirm whether you have made the right choice or not.

If you have not been able to complete all three steps, then please contact our study advisor for more information.


After May 1st it is still possible to sign up for the Mechanical Engineering programme at the University of Twente, but you will not automatically be entitled to a study check. Would you still like to be interviewed? Then please contact us to see what the possibilities are.

See also the FAQ about the study orientation at the University of Twente.

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