Matching / Study Choice Check (new students)

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF the matching?

At Mechanical Engineering we think it is important for you to choose a programme that meets your expectations and is a good match with your interests and your talents. A good match between you and the study programme you choose increases your chances to successfully complete the programme and obtain a diploma. To improve this match, we use ‘Mandatory Matching’. That means that all our Mechanical Engineering applicants need to take part in a series of obligated matching activities. With these activities we aim to investigate together if your expectations, talents and intentions ‘match’ with the content and setup of the programme. The goal of the matching day is that you have an impression of what to expect and that you get an advice if our programme would be a good fit for you.

What is a matching Day?

Once you have signed up for Mechanical Engineering you will receive an invitation for a matching day. This is a great opportunity to see what the study programme is about and to meet potential fellow students. During this half day you will attend short example lectures and participate in a group assignment which will give you an overview of the programme and the various fields of Mechanical Engineering (mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, energy, systems and control, dynamic systems, design and construction). The matching day is a great way to get a taste of the atmosphere, to meet the students and staff of the Mechanical Engineering programme. It is also possible to have a (online) meeting with a staff member during or after this day in case of further questions. Besides focussing on the study choice, we also aim to prepare you (and us) as well as possible for the coming academic year.

How does Matching work?

The mandatory matching process consists of several steps:

  1. After you sign up for the Mechanical Engineering programme, you will receive a questionnaire about your expectancies, skills and interest.
  2. Once you have filled in and sent the questionnaire, you will receive an invitation for a matching day. The matching day will take place 4 times a year on campus. If you live in the Netherlands, we expect you to be present at one of the on-campus matching days. For students that are not able to come to the campus 2 online options will be offered. The dates for 2024 are mentioned below. It is obligatory to join one of these matching days to be admitted to the programme.
  3. During the matching day you will participate in several activities (lecture, group assignment, etc) and meet with staff and students.
  4. Depending on the outcomes of the questionnaire and the results of the matching day, you might be approached for a meeting with a staff member or senior student. You may also request an additional meeting yourself.
  5. When you have finished the entire matching procedure, we will send you a recommendation. This recommendation will indicate whether we think you are a match with our programme. The advice that you are given as a result of the matching procedure is not binding - you can choose to follow up your admission or not. Students who do not finish the matching procedure however, will not be admitted to the programme. The Admission Office will inform you whether or not you are admissible. Note that mandatory matching is also obligatory for students that have been enrolled in our bachelor programme before and re-enroll for the coming academic year.

Note: if you do not register for Mechanical Engineering before 1 May and do not participate in the matching activity you will not be admitted to the programme.


There will be different teaching activities related to the various field of Mechanical Engineering. A meeting with one of our staff members is also possible. The final programme of the matching day will be disclosed right before the chosen date.


I you have any questions about our mandatory matching process, you can send an email to:


We prefer to meet our prospective students face to face. If you live in the Netherlands, we expect you to be present at one of the on-campus matching days. For those who are not able to come to one of our on campus meetings, online alternatives are available. You can let us know your preference in the questionnaire that you will receive.

On campus: