Industrial Engineering and Management

BSc Industrial Engineering and Management Study Programme

The Industrial Engineering & Management Bachelor’s Programme at the University of Twente is a three-year course, with each year composed of four modules. In each module all the important aspects of your studies come together around one central theme: theory and practice, research and solution design, self-study and teamwork. A fixed component of each module is the team project, in which you and your team mates apply the knowledge you’ve gained to a current challenge and design a viable solution. There are twelve modules in total; the last two are reserved for your graduation project. On successful completion of the programme, you will become a Bachelor of Science (BSc).


During the first year you will lay a strong foundation in business administration with the help of mathematical models and analysis tools.


During the second year you will delve deeper into various subjects, such as finances or process improvement, while also working a lot on interdisciplinary projects. 


The third year consists of your elective modules and graduation project.

Expectations of the programme

Sometimes students come to our programme with an incomplete picture of the content. In some cases, this led to an unpleasant experience for them. So to avoid this we have created a tool to help you decide -for yourself- whether the picture you have of our programme is correct. 

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