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ADMISSION bachelors' programme Electrical engineering

Congratulations, you have chosen to sign up for the Bachelor’s programme Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente.

Before moving forward, you first need to register via Studielink. Check the admission requirements below to be sure that you can complete your application.

Dutch VWO

You will be admitted to the Bachelor's programme Electrical Engineering if you have a Dutch VWO diploma with a Natuur & Techniek profile. Admission with another profile is possible as long as you have passed Wiskunde B and Natuurkunde. Wiskunde D is also advisable.

Dutch HBO

If you have successfully completed your first year of studies in a relevant subject at a university of applied sciences (Dutch HBO), you are also welcome to join the Electrical Engineering programme.  Again, Wiskunde B and Natuurkunde at VWO level are advisable.

Find out more about the conditions for admission with an HBO diploma.

International students

As the programme is entirely English-taught, a high level of English proficiency is required (Cambridge English B1 level, IELTS minimum 6.5, or equivalent). Non-Dutch students should have secondary school qualifications comparable to the Dutch VWO diploma (good A level results or International Baccalaureate) with good grades in Mathematics and Physics as compulsory subjects.

Find out more about admission requirements for international students.

Language level

The programme is English-taught. If you have a VWO diploma, then you meet the language proficiency requirements.


Mathematics is an indispensable part of all science programmes. The better you are at mathematics and physics, the more likely you are to succeed in the Electrical Engineering programme. However, the real key to success is that you take your studies seriously, are motivated and study regularly.


The University of Twente will organize matching activities for prospective students. Participation in these activities is mandatory for Electrical Engineering applicants (digital questionnaire and a campus activity). The matching activities will take approximately half a day, and take place on the university campus. International students may attend the matching activities or participate in a Skype interview. Click here for more information.

Admission procedure, participation in matching activities

In response to your registration in Studielink as a Electrical Engineering applicant you will receive an email from the University Admission Office which explains how to proceed. Click here for more information.


The deadline for registration in Studielink is 1 May. If you miss the registration deadline of 1 May, the Electrical Engineering programme may still accept your application if your participation in the required matching activities can still be arranged, and other applicable deadlines (e.g. for visas and housing) are met.

Read more about how to enrol or contact us for more information.

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