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To make sure that Electrical Engineering is the right fit for you, the programme organises a matching procedure. This enables you to see if the programme suits your talents, motivation and interests. The matching procedure for Electrical Engineering is compulsory and consists of a digital questionnaire and a matching event in June.


Once you have registered in Studielink and have received a provisional admission from the Admissions Office, you will be sent an email containing detailed instructions on how to fill in and submit a questionnaire. After submitting the completed questionnaire, you will be invited to the matching event.

All students, both Dutch and international, will be invited for the matching event on 1 or 4 June. Depending on the developments concerning the coronavirus, this matching event will be either online or take place on campus. Additionally, students whose personal situation requires further attention will be invited for a personal appointment with the study advisor.


Based on your completed questionnaire and the individual meeting, you will receive a recommendation whether the programme suits you. The recommendation about the match between you and the programme is based on the following elements:

  • Technology. What experiences do you have with technology, in relation to Electrical Engineering?
  • Teamwork: can you work in teams and do you enjoy teamwork? Are you aware of the advantages and disadvantages of working in a group? Are you able to use teamwork as a motivation to improve yourself?
  • School results. What are your strongest points, and can you deal with your weaker points? What strong points will be an asset in the Electrical Engineering programme, and what weaker points might be an obstacle?
  • Your preparation for the programme: you have prepared yourself for studying Electrical Engineering. You understand what is expected. You have collected information on the programme (website, brochure) and you have attended an Open Day (or participated in the Student-for-a Day programme).
  • Drive: what is your drive, what are your reasons for studying Electrical Engineering?


  1. Enrolment in Studielink;
  2. The Admissions Office issues a provisional admission;
  3. You will receive an email containing instructions on how to complete the questionnaire;
  4. You will be invited to the (online or physical) matching event on 1 or 4 June and, if necessary, an additional individual meeting with the study advisor
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