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One of the things that makes the University of Twente (UT) stand out is our approach to teaching and learning. Our unique Twente Education Model (TOM) makes studying more effective, more future-proof and a lot more fun, too. All of our bachelor’s programmes work with TOM. What makes this particular way of learning and teaching special?  

Modules & project-based work

Our programmes consist of modules. Each module has a theme with all sorts of subjects and learning activities, such as feedback sessions with fellow students or workshops and lectures. The different aspects of a module are related to your study programme and often interconnected. Central to each module is a team project in which, together with your group, you address a real-world problem. This way, you put scientific theory into practice. Challenging and exciting!

'Student-driven learning'

‘Student-driven learning’ means that, as a student, you have a say in your own learning process. Our aim is to develop modules in which you can make your own choices when it comes to planning and educational activities. Of course, you make your choices in close consultation with your teacher: we’re strong believers in personal mentoring.

TOM benefits

✓ Learn how to collaborate with others in changing teams and discover your role in a team.
✓ Make the most of (and enjoy) many ways of learning, including challenging, lifelike team projects.
✓ Learn to combine the expertise of your field with that of students from other disciplines.
✓ Feel at home on the cutting edge of science, technology and society.
✓ Become a self-reliant, entrepreneurial professional who is constantly learning and growing.

Discover three team roles

At UT we distinguish three different roles you can take on in a team or as a professional: researcher, designer or organiser. Throughout your studies, we’ll help you discover which one best suits you. This means that at UT you’ll not only become adept in a certain field of learning, but you’ll also discover where your true strengths lie – professionally and personally.

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