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After a Bachelor's degree in Business & IT

Most graduates from the programme in Business & IT choose to continue on to get a related Master's degree. You can do this at the University of Twente or at another Dutch or foreign university. At the University Twente you could carry on with for instance these UT Master's programmes:

Future Prospects and job opportunities

The Bachelor’s programme Business & IT at the University of Twente offers you excellent job prospects. As a bridge builder between computer science and business administration, you will be the one who makes sure that the essential information is available for the right decisions to be made within a company. This will make you a valuable colleague in many companies and sectors. Business & IT professionals come into their own in commercial environments. As an information specialist, you will be at home in any company eager to improve and innovate, knowing that in today’s world IT is the lifeblood of business processes.


Of all our students who obtain a Master's degree, 100% has a job within three months. In the business world, there is a lot of demand for Business & IT graduates. Thanks to your employability in different departments of an enterprise, you will be able to choose from many employers. Examples include companies offering ticket reservations via IT systems, developing new apps, transporting medicines, designing logistics and way more.

In today’s job market, there is a constant need for the perfect mix of business administration and information technology; companies need both in order to sail the right course. Thanks to the Business & IT programme, you can be useful in many areas, for example, as a researcher or consultant in different sectors. Maybe you'll become a business analyst or an IT manager. The possibilities are endless.

Where our graduates work


As a Business & IT professional, you can start your own company. Former student Jitse Groen did this when he started the company as a student. This website allows consumers to order meals online and have them delivered at their doorstep. Today, the company is a market leader in many countries and Jitse enjoys on a daily basis the many IT-related challenges involved in setting up an ‘e-business’.


Every company needs a lot of IT. Without information, people cannot do their jobs. Businesses accumulate enormous quantities of information and use a lot of technology to process it. As an IT manager or Chief Information Officer (CIO), you are responsible for developing and organizing this information and for making sure the right information is in the right place at the right time. In order to do this, you often use the latest technologies, such as mobile apps or cloud computing.


There are few or no other fields advancing as rapidly as IT. Converting IT into useful business applications requires a lot of research and development. As an R&D researcher – either at a university or an R&D department at an IT company – you develop new services with IT and devise methods to successfully make use of IT. As an IT analyst at a specialized IT research or consultancy agency, you follow the latest developments in IT and advise your company on how to tap into them.


As an IT architect, your job is to make sure that in every aspect of a business the information and software work well and fit in with the work being done. This is a highly varied job, in which you have to be able to understand the entire company and prepare it for the future. IT consultants help companies with specific questions, such as how to better protect the business against hackers, or how to design an app that will allow them to serve their clients better. IT project managers implement projects, for example the development of a new IT system. They have an eye for organization, finances, technology and good teamwork.

Read more about the experiences of our graduates.

Master's programmes at the UT

At the University of Twente, with a Bachelor in Business & IT you can go on directly to the English-taught Master's programme Business Information Technology. This is a two-year Master's in which you can choose between two specializations: Enterprise Architecture & IT Management and Data Science & Business. 

Business Information Technology specialization in enterprise ARCHITECTURE & IT Management

In the specialization Enterprise Architecture & IT Management, you will become familiar with business processes, strategies and missions involving IT. You will explore ways in which these can be effectively supported by IT systems, with the aim of improving business performances.


In Data Science & Business the concept of big data is becoming increasingly important. During this specialization, you will learn how you can generate a steadily growing flow of business information and how to incorporate it into the decisions a company makes.


As a Bachelor’s student of Business & IT, you will have become acquainted with computer science as well as with information technology. With your Bachelor's degree, you can chose to further specialize yourself in the area of computer science. In order for you to do so at the University of Twente, we offer you the two-year, English-taught Master's programme Computer Science. In this programme, you can specialize in one of the following three fields of study: Cyber SecurityData Science & Technology or Software Technology. A Bachelor’s degree in Business & IT will give direct access to this Master's programme.


Perhaps you think it would be fun to start your own company after your studies, but you feel that after your Bachelor's programme in Business & IT you are not quite ready for it the challenge? Then our follow-up programme in Business Administration is a good step to take. This English-taught Master's programme lasts for one year and is internationally oriented. It offers you plenty of room to choose your area of management. A Bachelor's degree in Business & IT will give direct access to this Master's programme.

Other opportunities

These are just some of the possibilities for further education at the University of Twente. Obviously, you have many more options at your disposal - at the University of Twente, at other Dutch universities or abroad. You can also check out the other Master's programmes the UT has to offer.

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