Why study at the University of Twente?

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Are you busy scanning the globe for a university offering the perfect study programme and environment?

The University of Twente (UT) differs from other universities, both in The Netherlands and internationally. Here's why studying at UT is a smart choice.

  • Our education and research is aimed to contribute to solutions for today's challenges

    Our world today is facing major environmental, economic, social and political challenges. To understand what is happening on our planet and contribute to a better life, we connect people and technology. With a keen focus on social impact, we develop smart solutions within our High Tech Human Touch philosophy: connecting fusing technology, science and engineering with social sciences.

    World player in research with social impact

    To be prepared for an unpredictable future, our scientists, lecturers and students feel a great responsibility to create solutions to worldwide challenges. Our education and research is aimed to contribute to solutions for today's challenges, making wise use of science, technology and teamwork. 

    Our research institutes are committed to leading the way in areas ranging from nanotechnology to technical medicine, behavioural sciences and geo-information science and earth observation. In the coming years, UT will focus on various scientific themes like improving healthcare by personalised technologies and creating intelligent manufacturing systems.

  • Broad range of educational programmes

    We offer bachelor's programmes, administered by five different faculties, along with ambitious honours programmes. Our focus is on these fields of study:

    • Business Studies and Public Policy
    • Engineering & Technology
    • Information Technology (IT)
    • Life Sciences & Medicine
    • Natural Sciences
    • Social Sciences

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  • Highly personalised and futureproof education

    Dutch education is known worldwide as highly interactive, with a strong emphasis on collaboration and independent, proactive thinking. At UT, we go one step further. During your programme, you will work in teams on topical, challenging projects. By working together, you will develop substantive knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship, research and design and discover which role suits you best.

    We believe change requires personality, not just intelligence. This is why we invest heavily in your personal growth as a student. We don’t just transfer knowledge, we also help you find the best way in which you can put that knowledge to use in the real world, whether as an entrepreneur, organiser or designer of solutions. 

  • Most entrepreneurial university

    UT is recognised as the most entrepreneurial university in our own country. We are strong in transforming knowledge into business in order to impact society in meaningful ways. We reward typically human qualities, such as creativity, innovation and guts. No wonder more than 1,000 successful startups have been launched here, including Booking.com, Takeaway.com, Demcon.nl and Athom.com. On-campus, we accommodate over 130 student startups. What are your plans?

  • One of the world's leading research universities

    Among the world’s 18,000 universities, the University of Twente has taken a top position in various global and national rankings. In Europe, we’re rated as one of the 25 best universities. Our research institutes and researchers have a world-class reputation in many areas, including nanotechnology, biomedical technology, information technology, governance studies, sustainable energies and high-tech systems. 

  • Our approach: High Tech Human Touch

    We are pioneers in fusing technology, science and engineering with social sciences to impact the world around us. This cross-disciplinary way of working that characterises our university opens up unexpected possibilities - especially in combination with creativity and excellence in scientific disciplines. Get used to crossing boundaries and become a problem-solver of the future, equipped to work in teams and create solutions that people and society really need: High Tech, Human Touch. 

  • The only park-like campus in The Netherlands

    One of the UT’s crown jewels, without doubt, is our campus: a breath-taking and sustainably managed parkland of 146 hectares dotted with state-of-art facilities – from libraries and laboratories to cultural and sports facilities. A campus with the hustle and bustle of a small metropolis and a dynamic, international community to live and work in. More about our campus and its facilities.

    Become a global citizen

    With over 100 nationalities, the University of Twente is a colourful multicultural community. Most of our programmes are English-taught and we are raising our international profile. Get to know new cultures and people from all over the world. Become a global citizen, equipped for working in varying international contexts.  

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