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During the Master-Insert Shaping Responsible Futures you work in transdisciplinary teams to address and solve complex societal challenges together. 

This program starts every year in November. Application runs until October 1st.

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Facilitating and developing (design) education is one of DesignLab's core activities.

Both University of Twente staff and students can book various rooms for educational purposes. And of course, you're always welcome to drop by & join us and your friends in one of our open spaces, hang out and relax, or attend one of our events for extra stimulation of the mind. 


DesignLab is known for its open and welcoming characteristics - traits reflected in the design of our facilities. On our Facilities Page, you can see what possibilities our spaces offer for education and studying.

Criteria for education

DesignLab supports educational activities at the University of Twente that connect science to society in a creative and multidisciplinary manner. 

Many Bachelor and Master programmes at the University of Twente offer one or more modules, wholly or partly in our facilities. This kind of education meets three criteria:

  • it connects multiple educational disciplines,
  • it matches current DesignLab projects as much as possible,
  • and it has an explicit relationship to design.

Besides this, DesignLab organises educational programme-transcending design-oriented education, in which the Science2Design4Society profile is the main theme. This includes the synthesis of the Design Honours Programme (Bsc & Msc) and the High Tech Human Touch-module “Science to Society”.

Request a room

Would you like to reserve a space for your research projects, group work or educational module? Or maybe you'd like to brainstorm on new forms of education? We're all ears: