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What kind of education can i have and give in the designlab?

DesignLab offers space to all education at the University of Twente which connects science to the society in a creative and multidisciplinary manner. Many bachelor and master programmes at the University of Twente offer one or more modules, wholly or partly inside the DesignLab. This kind of education meets three criteria: It connects multiple educational disciplines, it synchronizes as much as possible with current DesignLab projects, and it has an explicit relationship to design.

Besides this, DesignLab organizes educational programme-transcending design-oriented education, in which the Science2Design4Society profile is the main one. This offer includes the synthesis of the Design Honours Programme (Bsc & Msc) and the High Tech-Human Touch (HTHT)-module “Science to Society”.


The possibilities in the DesignLab are endless!

DesignLab is a place for students to absorb knowledge, exchange information, generate ideas, detail on designs and materialize visions. Beside the lectures for both bachelor and master programmes, you are welcomed to join various talks and brainstorms form researchers and businesses.

Stop by, you're always welcome!

All students working on Science2Design4Society are welcomed to use the open space in the DesignLab. It is perfectly suited for group work, with large tables, multiple whiteboards and materials for prototyping. You can also book smaller rooms downstairs for user testing or brainstorming. For prototyping there are two workshops available: mWorkshop for mechanical and eWorkshop for the electrical field. In order to get access to the workshops, you need to get a tour from one of the technicians to learn about the machines and safety. After that you only need to wear your badge! Interested? Browse through our facilities!

Everybody helps everybody

One of the essential features of the DesignLab working space is the open attitude of people and willingness to help. You can always count on our technicians who will  guide and assist you with any work you need to do in the workshops. The Dream Team is also there to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask! Since the Dream Team is a mix of students from different programs (and countries!), they can help you with finding the ways of solving problems you face with your projects. Lastly, the Project Forms are a great tool to inform others what you are currently working on and what help you might need. Please fill them in and put on the information board!

Relax a little bit!

It’s not always about the work...relaxing is also important! You can enjoy some coffee or tea in our lounge and free tosti and free knowledge during one of the 'Tosti Talks' . For more fun activities to get your mind off of the hard work you can play ping pong or air hockey. There is also time to do some crazy projects with other people in the DesignLab on ‘Freaky Friday’. So you can better enjoy your work and meet other amazing students from the UT!


Lectures in DesgnLab are usually held in IDEATE - an open space where all interested students are welcome to sit in the class, grasp the knowledge and even join in the discussion, or INFORM - a classroom setting but blended with the DesignLab style.

In order to request a space for your eduction, please first fill in the form. After that you will be asked for a short meeting to discuss the details, so that the DesignLab space can best fit your needs and form of the class. As the last step you should check your schedule and make the final booking by contacting Annemarie Bos-Lubbers from our First Line Support.

Courses, modules & programs

Courses and modules given in the DesignLab have to be multidisciplinary, open for different study programs, have societal impacts and stimulate students making skills by prototyping their ideas. DesignLab hosts courses like: 'Integrative Desgin of Biomedical Products', 'Design of Robotic Systems', 'Philosophy of Technology', 'Design and Emotion'.

Beside the courses, students can participate in whole modules and programs, which fully make use of the DesignLab spaces: 'Design Honours Programme' and 'HTHT' module. 

The Design Honours Programme is an extra-curricular multidisciplinary program with an integrated module of 15EC besides the students' regular master program. It combines the education and challenges from the technological and societal aspects, which matches the philosophy of DesignLab. All students in the Honours programme will work on a design project characterized by the high tech - human touch approach, under the guidance and with the support from DesignLab. Further information about the program could be found here.

The HTHT minor is a module which organically integrates the state of the art technology developments and issues looming in the society. The minor is accessible to not only UT Bachelor's students but also international exchange students. The minor shares resources and gets support from scientists and technicians in DesignLab. Further information about the education can be found here.