For EWI Employees

Terminal servers are centralised systems that can be logged into and on which software can be run. There is a Terminal Server on which Windows and Windows software is installed. Unix and MAC OS users can make use of MS-Windows applications via the terminal server. On these servers, data fields are available that are provided centrally.


An application is not required; this service is generally available to all EWI employees.


The costs are paid by the EWI faculty.


The following is required to use the terminal server:

  • Computer with internet connection;
  • UT ICT account;
  • Employed by the EWI faculty
  • RDP-compatible software
    • For Linux: Desktop
    • For OS X: Microsoft remote desktop connection
    • For Windows: no extra software required.

The name of the serverĀ is:


Support is provided by theĀ Service desk ICT. The use of these servers is similar to the use of a normal workplace.

Servicedesk ICT
Library, ICT Services and Archive

Access only through the Citadel side entrance at the O&O square.