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Archiving and Student Unions

On this page you will find some information regarding the archives and archiving of student unions. You will find a PowerPoint presentation which we used for a meeting of the Student Union UT, a list of subjects (in Dutch) for keeping records and a list of names of persons involved in archiving within the University or faculty who can give information. 

An archive is the memory of your student union. The records you file in an archive do you need to justify your responsibilities to the members of the union, the board of a faculty or the university or subsidizer. You have the possibility to tell people what and how you have things done. By organizing the archive of your union well, (board)members easily can find the information they need.

After a while several records can be disposed by throwing them away. For this LISA – Archive has made a list. At this list you can find descriptions of subjects or records and what to do with it.

If you want to dispose records of your union LISA – ARCH gives you the opportunity to do so in a way that there is no possibility somebody else sees the records disposed.

At last, a part of, the union archives have a historical purpose. They show the relation between the student, the University and the society.

Also offers LISA – Archive unions the possibility to store the archives within the “Archiefdepot UT”. You can find the “Archiefdepot UT” in the Vrijhof – Building (45) on the Campus. For visiting it you have to make an appointment. You can’t walk in when you want.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.