Campus App University of Twente

find your way around the University of Twente campus. 

Campus app guides you to your meeting, the parking spot closest to your appointment or any other outdoors point of interest. Don’t have a meeting on the campus yet? Don’t worry, the Campus app allows you to explore the campus, see and join upcoming events or post on the message board. If you’re already here, you can even see which events are happening near you right now!


Key features

Find information on buildings, opening hours, services and other points of interest on the campus and plan the route to your destination

Discover events in the events list or by exploring events happening near your current location

Keep track of all appointments and events you’ve joined

Participate in the community using the message board feature

Keep track of your to-do's for all events and meetings that you’ve joined

Product video

Project stakeholders

This Campus App has been made possible by

Project group: Myrthe Swaak, Lucien Nijland, Rick Mos, Ellen Diepeveen, Dennis Vierkant, Olfert Bakker, Jan Markslag, Jeroen van Ingen Schenau
App design: Studio Kern
App development: Appnormal & B-Lex IT
Steering committee: David Korringa, Maarten van Steen, Atilla Kerpisci, Erik van den Bosch

With contributions from and in collaboration with: 
UT  community: Wouter van Kleunen, Paul Havinga, Corné van Elzakker, Barend Köbben, Norman Kerle, Marlies Waalkens, Peter Slijkhuis, Lamia Elloumi, Alejandro Moreno, Arun Ramakrishnan, Jason Dai, Kallol Das, Mitra Baratchi, Cecile Schouten, Thomas van Rompay, Peter de Vries, Marijke Schmand, BMS Lab, Bart Klaassens, Johnny Lammers van Toorenburg, Ray Klumpert, Mark Hulshof

Indoor navigation: Locus Positioning, Mazemap

With special thanks to: Universitaire Commissie Bedrijfsvoering, Drienerburght, Human Resources, Facility Service Centre, Library, ICT Services & Archive, IT Board, Marketing & Communications, Jeroen de Vin


If you have any questions or remarks please feel free to contact us via