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The only university in the Netherlands with a real campus. That's University of Twente. A unique, green areaOur campus is constantly in development. The philosophy shaping our vision of the campus and how this image was created are detailed in University of Twente's Architectural Quality Plan, which was developed by Campus & Facility Management in collaboration with architect Peter Vermeulen.

Campus Architectural Quality Plan

We are constantly working on the maintenance and renovation of existing UT campus facilities for teaching, research, business operations, student housing, sports and culture, as well as building new facilities. In order to protect the high quality of the current campus design, an Architectural Quality Plan has been devised, a collaboration between the campus architect and Campus & Facility Management. This is a revision of the plan established in 2013. The plan oversees how the current campus design should be maintained, where there are opportunities for improvements to current facilities, and where there are opportunities for future expansion of facilities for combining teaching and research, science and business, as well as existing student residences.

Please find the complete Architectural Quality Plan below.

Architectural Quality Plan University of Twente

Long-term strategic housing plan 2023-2032

University of Twente wants to make its campus the ideal environment for breakthroughs in teaching and research, but also a campus with living labs and meeting places where students, staff and visitors can have innovative learning experiences. A campus that showcases UT as an entrepreneurial university with the capacity for spin-offs and student start-ups. A university that is inclusive and open, where community is given pride of place.

Urban design plan

Kennispark Twente Science and Business is an industrial park that will be transformed into an innovation district, a dedicated place for people to live, work and meet together. This transformation will link the Science and Business park to the University of Twente campus, creating a unified whole. The quality of the area will be greatly improved, making it a highly attractive location for setting up a business. In the coming years this development could generate more than 1,800 new jobs at the Kennispark and another 800 jobs indirectly in the surrounding region. The urban design plan is still awaiting the approval of Enschede city council.

Kennispark Twente is the first science and business park set up in the Netherlands where research conducted at University of Twente is translated into business applications. In the last 30 years the Kennispark has grown into a campus of national interest and important job-creation driver for Enschede and the region of Twente. But recently it has suffered from the law of the handicap of a head start. A transformation is needed to keep us competitive with other science parks around the world and to retain our economic value for the region.


Artist impression: Gemeente Enschede

Urban design plan Kennispark Twente


For further information about our real estate projects on campus, please contact Bertyl Lankhaar, Universiteit of Twente spokesperson.