Welcome on this website about the Twente Educational Model (TEM). All bachelor programmes at the University of Twente are designed according TEM. On this website you can find out what TEM is, why TEM is implemented and read about the five pillars of TEM. In My TEM teachers, educational-staff and students share their experiences. The Module Map gives you an overview of all TEM modules at the UT. Get up-to-date with the latest TEM news.

  • Are you an UT staff member? You will find more information about TEM on the intranet part of this website (Information for staff). Important documents, evaluation results and (reports of) events can be read here.
  • Are you a teachers or coordinator looking for direct support with your education or do you want to work on your own professionalization? Contact our colleagues from Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching (CELT) or visit their website.
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Latest news

signing the diploma

Eerste TOM studenten studeerden af in juli 2016

In July 2016 the first group of TEM students graduated. Video Phillipe de Rooy ... read more


19 enjoyable modules

During the festive closure of the academic year 2015-2016 we looked back on three year TEM education. Students from all bachelor courses nominated their favourite module according to the criterion ‘As close as possible to TEM, yet enjoyable.’ This yielded 19 module teams, who, on behalf of all teams received a dinner cheque ... read more


Twente Onderwijs Musical (TOM)

Bart Peeters Weem and Evert Duipmans wrote an short musical about the Twente Educational Model. They performed this during the Informal Closure of the academic year 2015-2016. During this event, the University of Twente looked back on three years TOM. Here you can find the text of the 'Twente Onderwijs Musical' ... read more

New TOM brochure

We conclude this year with a brand new TEM brochure. In this brochure, the TEM philosophy has been written, in light of the newest insights. The brochure is written for new employees and external interested people, but can also be used by teachers to refresh the ideas behind TEM. Hardcopy brochures are available at the Office of Educational Innovation (onderwijsvernieuwingen@utwente.nl). ... read more