Past projects


Increasing predictability of dead-on-arrival spare parts - ASML - Bob Rollerman

In a high tech company like ASML, being able to predict future outcomes is very important but also increasingly difficult. The assignment is to develop predictability models to identify improvement opportunities that will result in significant DOA rate reductions. ... read more


Maintenance concept improvement, evaluating the application of condition based maintenance - GROLSCH

Grolsch heeft 5 verschillende soorten rotatievullers om de verschillende soorten verpakkingen (flessen, beugels, blikken) te vullen. De werking van, en onderhoud aan deze vullers is in grote lijnen hetzelfde.
Momenteel worden deze rotatievullers preventief onderhouden. Het stilleggen van de lijn in de periode waarin het onderhoud is gepland vormt in de meeste gevallen geen probleem aangezien er bij de lijnen meestal sprake is van overcapaciteit, uitzonderingen daargelaten. In geval van preventief onderhoud is het echter niet mogelijk om eventuele storingen aan te zien komen. Mocht er een storing optreden wanneer de lijn in volle productie is dan heeft dit tot gevolg dat de lijn stil komt te staan voor een zekere periode, met in het ergste geval het moeten wegspoelen van bier wanneer de lijn niet tijdig kan worden hersteld. In dit laatste geval kan er dus ook niet worden gegarandeerd dat er aan de vraag kan worden voldaan. Deze plotselinge storingen zouden uit het systeem kunnen worden gehaald met behulp van conditionele monitoring. ... read more

Design of a classification method for spare parts control - GROLSCH - Haico Stegink

To be able to assign items to a certain class, some kind of methodology needs to be applied. This research aims for the development of a classification method which suits the maintenance organization of Grolsch. For each class, a specific stocking policy will be developed. The method will used as a foundation for further optimization of the spare parts inventory of Grolsch. ... read more


Design of a tool supporting investment decisions that include sustainability - LIANDER - Maurits Korse

Sustainability, and in specific circular economy, questions within investment decisions are generally difficult to value due to complexity of the issues that can be included within the scope. This research tries to identify the important aspects of sustainability in relation to common business case aspects and how they can be evaluated and presented in such a way that a comprehensible overview of the choices can be given. The resulting methodology may be input for investment decisions as well as life cycle management plans ... read more

Design For Maintenance for radar systems - THALES - Jack van Dalen

The goal of this assignment is to develop a set of design-for-maintenance guidelines that are particularly applicable to the systems that are developed and manufactured by Thales. Also, the student should apply the guidelines at the design of a specific subsystem, for example the cooling system of a radar system. A re-design need to be made or an advice for re-design of the system needs to be given. ... read more

Supporting design-for-maintenance: overhauling trains - NEDTRAIN - Sabine Mooy

NedTrain Refurbishment & Overhaul overhauls a series of double-decker trains. To better predict the reliability and maintainability of the overhauled trains, a comparison between the performance of the old and overhauled trains need to be made. (supervisor: Wienik Mulder, MSc) ... read more

Optimal (CBM) planning of naval platform subsystems - DAMEN - Katherine Tsoni

The goal of this project is to create a maintenance decision-making tool that minimizes the total life cycle (LC) costs for crucial naval systems’ platform subcomponents under condition based maintenance (CBM). This will be done using a stochastic deterioration model for the subcomponents. CBM actions will be classified as minimal (system remains at the same deterioration condition), imperfect (system returns to a previous deteriorating condition), and perfect (system is considered “as good as new”). ... read more

Life cycle costs of ECT - ECT - Zhe Chuan Ooi

ECT wil doelbewuste keuzes maken op het gebied van onderhoud van zijn assets. (supervised by: Rob Basten) ... read more

Managing supportability data for the Sprinter Light Train - NEDTRAIN - Joost Ziggers

Research on the Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) process and the Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR). Understand how capital equipment suppliers deliver support data. Identify key information islands in supplier data. Make a case study for a company project. (supervised by: Jorge Parada Puig, Msc and Dr. Jan Braaksma) ... read more

Design of a maturity model for autonomous maintenance - TATA STEEL - Vincent Klink

Tata Steel wants to improve the organization of first line maintenance activities by evaluating the implementation of autonomous maintenance part of the Japanese Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) philosophy. These principles should however fit with the current organisation structure of Tata Steel. (supervised by: Dr. Jan Braaksma) ... read more

Life cycle management of the electricity grid - LIANDER - Richard Ruitenburg

Liander is – as a part of the Alliander group – responsible for the management of the gas and electricity networks in a number of regions in the Netherlands. Currently Liander is facing a number of challenges, among others the energy transition and the replacement of a part of their assets, which are approaching the end of their projected life time. (supervised by: Dr. Jan Braaksma) ... read more

Exploring the application of augmented reality in confined maintenance & operations environments

Monitoring Based Maintenance - NEDTRAIN - Reinier Moonen

The goal of the master assignment was to develop a guideline for the effective monitoring of usage to contribute to the planning of preventive maintenance tasks. First of all a suitable usage parameter needs to be selected. Next an optimal trigger is set. Triggering too late will result in failures, but too early in over maintaining the asset. A case-study was made on the compressor of the train to illustrate and validate the developed guideline. (supervised by Wienik Mulder, Msc and Sipke Hoekstra). ... read more

Potential Failure Interval Generalization and Assessment - NEDTRAIN - Varun Raman

Many maintenance jobs follow from inspection results. Often, the amount of resources required to finish such jobs becomes clear after a capital asset is taken out of service. However, for each maintenance job, there is an earliest moment in time when it can be scheduled for a specific asset. Only then, the required volume of manpower, equipment and parts can be made available. Planners anticipate uncertainty of jobs to be scheduled by introducing slack into plans, increasing spares inventories or increasing maintenance capacity. A graphical representation of logistic lead time and load can characterize a job for a particular asset. When this is done for all jobs, you obtain a load-time curve, which characterizes that specific asset design and maintenance program. At NedTrain it is assumed that this description will help decision making with respect to maintenance planning. Because it is a new concept, it has to be developed and validated. (supervised by: Jorge Parada Puig, Msc) ... read more

Sustainability of HVAC systems in rolling stock - NEDTRAIN - Arno Kok

The objective of this study is to provide NedTrain with an evaluation method of alternative HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)-system-designs based on relevant sustainability aspects in order to support the decision making process when regarding rolling stock modernization. In order to methodically compare different HVAC systems on sustainability, given a certain usage profile, a tool has been designed. ... read more


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: a Design Approach for Maintenance Operations