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Design of a maturity model for autonomous maintenance – TATA STEEL


Company: Tata Steel
Student: Vincent Klink (University of Groningen)
Mentor: Dr. Jan Braaksma (University of Twente), Hendrik van der Meulen, MSc (University of Groningen)

Background company

Tata Steel located in IJmuiden part of Tata is a one of the largest steel producer of the world. Tata Steel is constantly trying to optimize its maintenance activities to become a World Class Maintenance organization.

Introduction to the problem

Reducing corrective maintenance by proper preventive maintenance is part of the maintenance strategy of Tata Steel. Recent research within the company showed however that a substantial number of corrective maintenance activities could have been prevented by inspection, lubrication and small repairs. According to maintenance philosophies, such as Total Productive Maintenance, first line maintenance activities are preferably executed by operators. First line maintenance activities are however not executed by production and only partly by maintenance. This can partly be explained by the centralisation and outsourcing of maintenance activities in the recent past.

Research objective

Tata Steel wants to improve the organization of first line maintenance activities by evaluating the implementation of autonomous maintenance part of the Japanese Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) philosophy. These principles should however fit with the current organisation structure of Tata Steel.

Research activities: