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How does the personalisation work?

The fields that need to be personalised and the e-mail address should be listed in an Excel file:

In this example there is a column filled with names and a column filled with e-mail adresses. Every type of information has a seperate column. The name of the column (Name, E-mail) can also be left out, since those names do not have a function.

A corresponding 'tag' should be created in Pronutio for every column. In brief, it comes down to this:

  1. The tag should be created in MENU > ACCOUNT > ATTRIBUTES.
  2. After that, the tag should also be created in MENU > ACCOUNT > FIELDS.

Below the list of 'fields' is displayed:

What you should know about this is: 

  • Column 1: The content of the first column (first name), is the content you will select in your mail in order to insert the variable in your mail. Example: You start your mail with Dear [first name], ... You can use the variables in the text of your mail, but you can also select these variables in other fields: 
  • Column 3: The title of this column is important for uploading and connecting your Excel file. This will be explained below.

Via the last big button 'manage lists' you can create or manage a sending list in Pronuntio: 

Then, click ADD in order to add a new list. Give the list a name and save it. Via ADD SUBSCRIBER you can add seperate e-mail addresses. Via the button IMPORT you can import an Excel file with a large number of e-mail adresses. 

In most cases you will import an Excel file. After clicking the button IMPORT, you will walk through a number of steps. FInally, you will get to the page where you are asked to connect the fields in Pronutio to the columns in Excel: 

At the top, you will first state whether the data columns in your Excel file start directly or there are headers above these columns. Next, you can connect the fields:

  • You can connect the WebHare field e-mail address to the correct colomn, in this case you will draw it to column B. See the lower black arrow.
  • The remainder fields that you want to use should be connected based on the list of fields in WebHare. The list of fields that was explained above will occur here. What is stated in the list of fields below the column title (see the blue framework), is what should be connected to the concerning Excel column. In this case, you connect the column to the field 'Calling name', because the list of fields in WebHare states that this is the correct title. You only connect the fields that you want to use in your mail.  

Error: 'Witty parse error'

Does the error: "Witty parse error at ...: Unknown data follows the value: '[.....]'" occur when you save your newsletter? This way WebHare indicates that somewhere in your text the backets [...] were used, without stating which data should be inserted in that spot. This can be caused by two events: 

  • A field that needs to be personalised (like Dear [first name]) is not connected properly. Please read the explanation at the top of this page about the connection of personalised fields. 
  • Somewhere else in your text the brackets [...] are present. In mailing systems [...] are meant for personalising fields, so you can not simply use them anywhere in your text. Replace the [...] in your text with (...). 

When i send a test mail, i see a red warning at e-mail addresses or web addresses.

The text MailScanner has found an e-mail with a possible attempt at fraud in red is present at an e-mail address or URL in the mail. This text occurs because the mail scanner thinks that the used link is not safe. You can solve this problem by not directly displaying this link, but placing it as a hyperlink behind one or multiple words instead.

Don't: Look it up at or mail at

Do: Take a look at the website of Universiteit Twente or mail to the team online media.

the links in a test mail do not work anymore.

In order to prevent mistakes in the statistics, links only work in the most recent version. When you send a test mail to yourself for three times, the links in the two previously send test mails do not work anymore. The same applies to the actual mailing: when the mailing is send, the links in previously send test mails won't work anymore.

when i upload a number or date at a personalised mailing, a comma with a lot of zeros occurs behind that number.

This has to do with the way Excel processes table cells as text or not as text. It is best to place a ' in front of a date. This sign is not visible in the table cell, but this way Excel is forced to interpret the cell as text. 

after sending, a link in the mail seems to be incorrect, can i modify this link?

Because all links are lead via Pronuntio first because of the statistics, it is possible to modify the used hyperlinks in a send mailing afterwards. In order to do this, you need to select the send mailing and click the tab "Links". By double clicking the link you are able to change it. 

How can i embed a (un)subscribe form for a mailing list on my web page? 

  1. Go to the properties of a mailing list (manage lists > edit). Go to the tab Subscription. Select “Subscribe and unsubscribe through forms is allowed”. Also select “Overwrite existing information with new when the subscriber is already known” if you want this.
  2. Go to Account > Manage fields and add the next fields:
    Name: Last naam / WRD tag: Last name
    Name: E-mail address / WRD tag: E-mail
    Name: Calling name / WRD tag: Calling name
  3. Prepare two pages where the visitor will be directed to when he/she submits his/her (un)subscription (one for a success notification and one for a failure notification).
  4. Add the HTML code below to your website (adapt the bold text to your own situation).
  • Change http://www.success.url and for the URL of your own created success and failure pages;
  • Change ACCOUNT for the "tag" of your account, you can find this in Pronuntio in Account > Account properties > General > Account tag;
  • Change SUBS_MAILINGLIST for the "tag" of your mailing list, you can find this in Account > Manage attributes and then choose the tag of the desired mailing list.