About UIF


Every organization, company and government body has them. The freethinkers. The change-makers. The frontrunners. Those on the brink of change. Wanting to break new grounds. Not necessarily by leading change. But by encouraging the steps their organization needs.

We know, social impact is never done solo. That’s why we’re here for you. UIF is the co-creators HUB for change-makers everywhere. We’re active in the fields of sustainability, health care and engineering and bring in a variety of backgrounds and specializations to achieve change. With a track record that amazes as well as inspires.

We bring together creativity and academic thinking. But we’re selective in who we work for. So are you that change-maker, craving for a different perspective? Then introduce yourself to us and come pick our brain. Let’s be the wave of change together. And shift expectations now.

Our projects

With our projects, we aim to achieve the following goals:

  1. Inspiration: Inspiring students at the University of Twente to come up with new ideas and to turn them into reality.
  2. Education: Educate students about design thinking methods to equip them with the right tools to act on their ideas.
  3. Support: Supporting students in their ideas by becoming part of their initiative, joining a brainstorm or merely answering questions.
  4. Communication: Facilitating communication between students, student initiatives and university bodies.
  5. Community: Building together with European institutions and the University of Twente a community of visionaries to become the European Hub. 

Find out more about the projects we work(ed) on at the projects page!