Health Technology Implementation (HTI)

The Health Technology Implementation Chair focuses on:

Researchers at the UT are continuously working to advance the knowledge. In the TechMed domain implementation of this knowledge may be clinically and/or commercially oriented. Implementation of knowledge is essential to have impact on society. However, clinical and/or commercial implementation of technology is highly challenging for most TechMed projects executed at the UT.

The technology push towards the clinic needs to be guided well to promote clinical acceptance. The medical specialists are rather conservative and need to learn to appreciate the potentials of new technologies. On the other hand, technology can be problem driven coming from the clinical practice. There are opportunities for researchers at the UT by developing technologies to solve problems in the clinic.

New technologies/solutions proven (pre-)clinically successful can be commercialized. However, on this route the ‘valley of death’ needs to be crossed which is a metaphor to signify the many potential obstructions (regulation, funding, clinical studies, marketing etc.) on the road toward of commercialization or utilization of the developed knowledge.


Developing tools to create awareness of the research community at early stages of projects on how to optimize commercial and/or clinical implementation and exploitation of their developed knowledge.

Location and facilities in TechMed Centre

The HTI chair is located in the TechMed Centre with various complementary groups with a primary and complementary translational health focus. The TechMed Centre has experimental facilities, (simulated) pre-clinical testbeds (such as a Hybrid OR, medical imaging equipment, ICU and a simulated living environment) that available for the chairs activities.

There is a strong collaboration with multiple research groups that are part of the Technical Medical Centre, e.g. BioMedical Photonic Imaging group (BMPI ), Multi-Modality Medical Imaging group (M3I), Magnetic Detection & Imaging group (MDI), Biomedical Engineering (BME), Robotics and Mechatronics (RAM), Medical Physiology, domain Imaging & Diagnostics

TechMed Centre

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