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The Imaging & Diagnostics RESEARCH DOMAIN aims to revolutionize the entire medical trajectory from diagnosis to follow-up.

This will enable healthcare professionals to improve their care for patients by using accurate, quantitative and personalized imaging in screening, diagnosis and evaluation. It also improves their abilities to practice precision medicine.  

From development to clinical testing

Our research ranges from development, demonstration and assessment to clinical testing of new technologies and methods. Application areas include anatomic and functional imaging of vesicles, cells, tissues, vasculature and organs to diagnose and characterize disease and health. We work in the fields of applied physics, technology development, mathematics, translational research and clinical practice. Our research groups have a focus on ultrasound, optical, photoacoustic, molecular, magnetic and nuclear imaging for precision medicine. Our students are involved in various research groups. The university has bachelor and master programmes in Health Sciences, Biomedical engineering and Technical Medicine. 

We have strong ties with industry partners. Some of our researchers also serve as surgeons in clinics and hospitals. This allows us to perform extensive clinical tests at our university and in hospitals and enables us to valorize research through startups and / or spinoff companies. We see this mix of academic engineering, industry partners and healthcare professionals as an essential part of our success.


Indian-Dutch research collaboration

Srirang Manhohar from the University of Twente leads an Indian-Dutch research collaboration funded by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT, India), NWO and ZonMW. The project was officially inaugurated by Minister Bruins (Medical Care) in New Delhi on 23 May 2018, as part of Prime Minister Rutte’s Trade mission to India.

Project Precision Medicine

The project ‘Precision Medicine: by integrating Multiscale Functional Imaging and Advanced Machine Learning’, coordinated by Michel Versluis, within the Call for Sustainable research with a budget of 4 M€ started on 1 September 2018. For this project, 6 Tenure Trackers and 6 Post-Docs have been appointed at the University of Twente, TU Eindhoven and TU Delft.

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Collaboration with WWU Münster

A bottom-up initiative developed by the Srirang Manohar and Riemer Slart from the University of Twente, together with Lars Stegger and Michael Schafers from WWU Münster for sustainable collaboration between the UT and WWU Muenster. Both universities support this joint initiative with provision of seed money to encourage joint projects

PAM2 undergoing clinical study

The Twente Photoacoustic Mammoscope (PAM2) developed jointly by the Biomedical Photonic Imaging group and UT start-up company PA Imaging BV, has produced excellent results from healthy volunteers. A clinical study is underway at Medisch Spectrum Twente (Oldenzaal).


prof.dr. S. Manohar (Srirang)
Full Professor and Chair Multi-Modality Medical Imaging
prof.dr. M. Versluis (Michel)
Full Professor Physical and Medical Acoustics Physics of Fluids Group

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