Welcome to the Multi-modality medical imaging group (M3I)

M3I is a new chair that brings together the vital ingredients of i) well-educated talent, ii) good ideas, and iii) a strong network of academic, clinical and industrial partners - to perform research, development, demonstration and testing of novel technologies in imaging. Our overarching goal of this ecosystem is to have societal impact through translation of the new technologies, and through training of students and professionals.

We work on developing new imaging technologies for diagnostics, therapy guidance and therapy evaluation. The technologies are intended to provide patient-oriented solutions. Important clinical expertise areas are oncology and cardiovascular medicine. These novel technologies straddle most energy sources from light, to ultrasound, to x-rays and can be non- or minimally invasive, and ultrafast to real-time. Some are based on instrinsic tissues contrasts while others are enabled by the use of targeting markers, including molecular biomarkers, fluorescent tracers, and contrast agents.

The education by M3I serves the curricula of Technical Medicine and Biomedical Engineering with in-depth teaching of imaging concepts, and staff of M3I supervises clinical internships in (university) medical centers. M3I is located in the new Technical Medical Centre, where all health related academic activities of our university are concentrated.