Decision tool handling research data

Where can I store/share, or how can I transfer data during my research?

Introduction: The University of Twente has an overall policy on how to handle research data. This policy serves as a starting point for tailored data policies of faculties and/or institutes, and research groups.

It becomes clear when you read the Research Support website and by answering the questions inside the UT DMPtool which requirements are set for services with regard to transfer, store or share research data during your research.  These requirements can be used to answer the questions in the decision tree 'storage of research data'. As result a list of services offered by LISA will be shown.

This decision tree can be found at

Remark: sometimes given your answers a solution is not found. This doesn't mean a solution is not possible, only the standard services LISA offers do not fit. Please contact the ICT Account manager or DataSteward in your faculty. They can help you to find a solution, for example to store the research data in a certified data center of the company who is participating in your research project.

If applicable, at the Cybersecurity website you can find a guide in handling personal data in scientific research. It is not an exhaustive overview, but provides insight into the major concerns about privacy.

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