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One-time calls usually have a thematic approach to explore a pre-determined topic. They can either be for a singel applicant or to be approached by a consortium. Below you find a selection of thematic calls. For more funding opportunities please visit the website of specific funders or set up a customized search in Research Professional

  • Incentive Fund for Women in Beta and Engineering Sciences (NWO)

    NWO has opened an Incentive Fund for Women in Beta & Engineering Sciences.

    Purpose - This call aims to retain women who are qualified in science or the engineering sciences, who would otherwise be forced to leave academia. To this end, this grant will support women who are temporary without funding but who, nevertheless, have good prospects of obtaining a more senior research or permanent position in beta sciences or engineering sciences.

    The call is open since Friday 8 May 2020; the budget is based on ‘first come, first serve’. 

    Eligibility - Women with a doctorate holding a fixed, permanent or no employment contract (foreign or Dutch), who are without funding and would like to hold a more senior position at a Dutch university or research institute.

    Criteria - You will need to show why bridging money is necessary for the continuation of your career in science. You need to make clear what your research plans are during the bridging period. In addition, the quality of your CV is taken into account. 

  • Health Inequalities (NWA)

    Promoting Health Potential of People with Lower Socioeconomic Status. Relatively large health disadvantages occur among people in a lower socio-economic position. How can this health potential be better addressed and utilized? The thematic program of the National Research Agenda makes € 4,835,000 available for empirical research into promising breakthroughs from a systems approach. A broad, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary consortium that encompasses the entire knowledge chain and within which knowledge institutions, social stakeholders and practitioners work together, can apply for funding for an extensive research program into achieving health benefits and avoiding health loss among people in a lower socio-economic position in society.

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