NWO Open Competition grants

NWO facilitates non-thematic project applications in all domains; the so-called Open Competition. These grants can require large consortia or can be aimed at small collaborations.

  • Open Technology Program (OTP) in Applied and Engineering Sciences

    The OTP program is open to innovative research with a clear focus on application of the results in industry. The program offers companies and other organisations an easily accessible way of becoming involved in scientific research that leads to usable knowledge. Applications can be submitted throughout the year. The size of the application is maximum 800.000 euro.

  • Open Competition in Exact Sciences

    The Science Domain has an Open Competition with several options to fund one or more scientific positions, investments, and collaborations with other scientists.

    • ENW XS: This grant is open for all university employees across the line: from postdoctoral researchers to full time professors. It has several application rounds per year. It is meant for encouraging curiosity and new ideas in research as part of promising, high-risk projects.
    • ENW M (previously called KLEIN): These grants are intended for realising curiosity-driven, fundamental research of high quality or scientific urgency. Researchers have the possibility to elaborate on creative and risky ideas and to realise scientific innovations that can form the basis for the research themes of the future. The M grants have a continuous application procedure. You can submit for a single scientific PhD/post-doc position in M-1 or in collaboration a M-2 proposal for two positions. 
    • ENW XL (previously called GROOT): This grant gives researchers the opportunity and freedom to strengthen or expand excellent, challenging and innovative lines of research, as a part of a consortium for curiosity-driven, fundamental research. It is only open every two years. 
  • Open Competition in Medical or Health Sciences

    This ZonMw Open Competition is a curiosity-driven research programme that gives the possibility to renew your research line, start new collaborations and preform innovative, groundbreaking science in the health domain. Innovative collaboration among new groups is a key criterion. Researchers with a PhD date >15 years ago are eligible to submit. The process involves a pre-proposal and full proposal phase.

  • Open Competition in Social Sciences

    This curiosity-driven grant is for scientists who obtained their PhD >15 years ago and is focused on a research question rooted primarily in the social sciences and/or humanities. The procedure has a pre-proposal and full proposal phase. There is one application round per year.  

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