NWO Consortium grants

Many NWO grant programs revolve around building a succesful consortium to perform scientific research and make an impact to societal or economic utilization. 


    The NWA ORC (Research along routes through consortia - Onderzoek op Routes door Consortia) funds research and innovation focused on the NWA routes, designed and implemented by interdisciplinary consortia spanning the entire knowledge chain, with a strong focus on relevant social partners. This procedure has multiple phases and three funding money bandwidths to apply for.

  • Perspectief

    The Perspectief programme is an instrument that allows consortia of researchers and businesses to apply for large-scale approaches to solve innovative bottlenecks that impacts society and economy. A Perspectief proposal consists of multiple phases and research projects and is obliged to include cash and in-kind cofinancing of industry. Proposals need to be part of one of the Topsectoren roadmaps. 

  • Zwaartekracht

    The Zwaartekracht (Gravitations) programme is for scientific consortia that have the potential to rank among the world's best in their field. Researchers must be carrying out innovative and influential research in their field. The programme brings together researchers from one discipline or from several disciplines in consortia to facilitate excellence and novelty in research in large-scale projects that can run up to ten years. This call opens bi-yearly and submission gone through the UT executive board. 

  • KIC Missions

    Within the main line of the Mission-drive calls of the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) 2020-2023, a limited number of large thematic calls with a volume of between 5 and 15 million euros are developed each year. Within these mission-driven programmes researchers submit proposals for collaborative projects, with a budget of €750,000 to €4 million per proposal.

    One or two mission-driven programmes per year will be developed for each KIA on the basis of choices within the agenda. The respective KIA agenda's are: Key Technologies; Health and Care; Energy transition and sustainability; Agriculture, Water and Food; Security; Public earning capacity; Human capital. See the NWO page, to see which calls are active on which KIA. 

Other NWO consortium grants are:

- The High Tech Systems and Materials Call (HTSM) is a thematic call. Proposals need to be approved by the TKI HTSM.

- The Partnership program consists of a thematic call that is initiated by TTW and an industrial or societal partner. 

- For support for the Take Off and Demonstrator instruments please contact the Business Development Team of Kennispark.

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