About the value of RDM

Watch a short video about good RDM practice and read why research data management is important.

  • Good practice

    Research data management is in the first place about keeping your data safe and make them available to others.

    Watch the video below about experiences with and advantages of sharing research data. It is an interview with Arnd Hartmanns, assistant professor in the Formal Methods and Tools group at EEMCS faculty.

  • Why RDM is important

    Good research data management is important because it promotes:

    Access, re-use, impact and recognition

    • Facilitating future research by allowing others to build on or add to your research data;
    • Increased citations of research data and of publications based on that data.


    • Increasing your research efficiency by saving time and resources;
    • Preventing duplication of effort by enabling others to use your data.

    Quality and security 

    • Ensuring the integrity and reproducibility of your research;
    • Ensuring that research data and records are accurate, complete, authentic and reliable;
    • Enhancing data security and minimizing the risk of data loss.


    • Meeting legal obligations, restrictions and codes of conduct;
    • Meeting the University of Twente research data management policy requirements;
    • Meeting funding body grant requirements.

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