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Vacancy system Talentsoft

As of Q4 2020 the University of Twente will use Talentsoft as a system for all the recruitment processes. At the moment a project group is creating and setting up this new system.

Why a new system?

The current system for recruitment processes (PeopleXS) is outdated. The system is no longer updated by the supplier. Therefore it was necessary that the UT needed to replace the old system. Based on a thorough public tender process, involving all kinds of end users, Talentsoft was selected as the best option. Additionally, PeopleXS didn’t offer any possibilities to align with the new Shaping2030 strategy of the UT. Talentsoft enables the UT to also implement the Shaping2030 strategy in the recruitment and selection processes and thus contribute to becoming the ultimate People-first University of Technology.

Why Talentsoft? 

Talentsoft is a so called best of breed system, which is specifically designed to fully support all recruitment processes. For example; Talentsoft gives us the option to work with specific selection questions per vacancy, or has the option for a document reader to better facilitate the work of committee members. These benefits will aid the UT to simplify the processes regarding recruitment and make them more efficient, increase the quality of candidates and shorten the processing time for candidates. It’s a win, win, win situation.

What are the advantages of This new system?

  • Applicants will receive a better and more easy application process, for instance with help of CV parsing. This will copy certain information from the uploaded CV directly into the application form and will save the applicant time.
  • Apllicants have the possibility to add online media references to their application, such as youtube links.
  • Better security of their personal data.
  • Have better selection options for quality applicants through custom made selection questions
  • Easy search and find options for candidates and vacancies
  • Possibilities to set up vacancy templates for unambiguous communication within all vacancies
  • More efficient and easy assessment of the applicants through a document reader. This ensures that all separate files provided by the applicant are bundled into 1 easily browsable file
  • Better collaboration options with other committee members through a joint notepad directly in the document reader
  • Save time on administrative tasks
  • Possibility to select your own committee members per vacancy
  • (For academic HR support) possibility to publish the vacancies directly without interference of HR central
  • More control over your own process and more responsibilities
  • Better opportunities to manage a talent pool of talented candidates
  • More opportunities for better management information

Manuals and videos

These are not available as yet; they will be placed here as soon as possible.


Based on the questions that we expect to receive after go live, you will find the Frequently Asked Questions here later.

Who are involved?

  • Test panel

    On Wednesday, 8 and Thursday, 9 April the last online user tests will take place by colleagues participating in the test panel. Below you will find a part of the test panel that has been involved in the testing and implementation process from the start. Thanks to everyone who participated!

    • Stefano Stramignoli - EWI-RAM
    • Eefke Bril - LISA-STAFF
    • Sofia Boekholt- HR-DIR
    • Gert-Willem Römer - ET-OPMTR
    • Evelien Schulenberg - ET-BH
    • Alice Kragt - BMS-CSO
    • Marleen Blijleven- BMS-HR
    • Joost oude Heuvel - TNW-HR
    • Lidy Harryvan - TNW-HR
    • Carin Krijnen-Smid - TNW-XUV
    • Henk Swaters - LISA-DSM
    • Jose Vroom-van Gorcum - LISA-STAFF
    • Netty Kollen - HR-ADVIES
    • Mandy Lokken - HR-ADVIES
    • Nadine van Wijchen -TNW-HR
    • Inge Meeuwenoord - EWI-HR
    • Susan Emde - BMS-HR
    • Liset Werkman - BMS-HR
    • Rita Schoonbeek - ET-HR
    • Miranda van Wijk - ET-HR
    • Erwin Reudink - CFM, CES-HR
    • Wim Somsen - HR - FIN, M&C, SP
  • Steering committee

    The project team will report to the steering committee:

    • Tanya Bondarouk (Professor HRM, Chair department HRM)
    • Anja Smit (HR-manager Faculty EEMCS)
    • Erik van den Bosch (Head of Projects and Development LISA)
    • Netty Kollen (HR-manager Service departments and HR-MT member)
    • Hans Oeloff (director HR)
  • Project group
    • Mette Strubbe (policy advisor HR Recruitment & Internationalisation)
    • Inge Busschers (HR-assistent)
    • Rachel Santos (HR-assistent)
    • Christine Maas (HR-assistent)
    • Daniëlle de Vries-Luisman (Functioneel Beheer)
    • Rick Mos (M&C online marketing, Online/Webhare)
    • Saloa Omari (M&C communication)
    • Marcella Claase (project manager)
  • Tender
    • Arjen Grinwis - LISA
    • Rick Mos  – M&C
    • Mette Strubbe - HR
    • Christine Maas - HR
    • René Belt - CFM
    • Inge Busschers-Lohuis - HR
    • Marja Roelofs-Kamphuis - HR


If you have any questions and/or remarks, please contact one of the project members via

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