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Working together remotely has an impact on our physical and mental health as well as on our work situation. This page gives you as an employee an overview of various initiatives to promote your well-being.

Everyone is finding their feet in their own way to adapt to this new work situation, and needs vary from person to person. This page offers an overview and selection of relevant options to choose from. Besides this information, keep an eye on the employee portal for up-to-date offers focused on well-being in this Covid-19 period.


The second edition of well-being weeks will take place from October 4 until October the 29th.  Once again we have a wide offer of activities for employees to work on their well-being. For an overview of the activities: check out

The theme of this edition is Boost & Balance. Not chosen at random, but because from the many Lifestyle checks that took place throughout the year and the results of the well-being surveys, it became clear that finding a balance between work and private life and maintaining (positive) energy levels is sometimes a challenge.


Are you a student?

Go to for practical tips and advice on how to deal with the current Covid-19 situation in a healthy way.


The Sports Centre offers a diverse range of services catering to the well-being of staff. Below are some highlights divided into mental and physical health. 

  • Mental health
    • On Thursday December 17th there will be an online workshop 'How to reduce stress'. This workshop is already full, but you can still sign up for the waiting list. We will get back to you in January when we have planned new workshops.  
    • As an UT employee you can request a 30 minute Energy control consultation  (free of charge) focused on breathing and reducing stress.
    • A new 10 week period starts on February 1st for a large number of activities to stay mentally fit such as Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi. Check out the course offer at the Sports Centre for the complete course overview and registration.
  • Physical health
    • The Sports Centre still offers various opportunities for sport activities and use of the many facilities they have. During the period until 19 January, a lot of sports are unavailable. See what the current possibilities are on this overview page.
    • In addition to on-campus sports, there are also several online workouts that you can follow to stay active.
    • In addition, the Sports Centre also offers medical services such as a dietician, medical fitness and physiotherapy. This is an existing and ongoing offer.


Having a healthy home workplace is of great importance in order to be able to work as sustainably as possible. It therefore is important that your home workplace meets a number of conditions.

Do the CANS-check and ensure you have the right facilities for a healthy home workplace.

Asses your home workplace

On the home workplace page you will find more information about the possibilities for ordering home workplace supplies and ICT workplace support. But working from home is more than just setting up the right facilities and having the right working-position. Think for example about taking breaks regularly, drawing up a fixed timetable or see if a meeting can also be held in 50 minutes, so that you can take a short break in between. You can also contact one of our physiotherapists for an online consultation should you develop physical complaints or for advice to prevent complaints.


As the current circumstances are unique and we cannot yet predict how things will be in three months, three different measurement periods (Spring, Summer and late Autumn) were deliberately chosen in the research design. This means that employees are divided into three representative groups and that you as an employee are only invited to participate once per year. As a result, we as a university can receive input at three different times throughout the year without putting the employees under additional pressure. Everyone will receive a personal invitation to participate in one of the partial measurements. The most recent report is about the results of sub-study 2 (July-August 2021). The study design was exactly the same as sub-study 1 (April-May 2021).

The most recents reports are available below. On the HR webpage you can also find previous employee well-being reports. A final report for 2021 will follow the last measurement at the end of the year.




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