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New developments, refurbishments and renovations

With new developments, refurbishments and renovations, several specific aspects are important. When installing the pipes, labelling is important. The type of labels to be used can be found in the guideline for labelling pipes.

The University of Twente (UT) is responsible for the health and safety of all persons present on the UT terrain. This responsibility does not only cover personnel and students, but non-employees of the UT who are present on the terrain or in buildings of the UT as well. This group is often termed 'third parties'. The responsibility of the UT for third parties is described in Section 10 of the Dutch Working Conditions Act: "If the safety or health of persons other than employees can be put at risk as a result of, or in direct connection with, the work that the employer has done by his/her/its employees in a business or establishment, or in the immediate surroundings, the employer shall take appropriate measures to prevent that hazard."

The guideline 'Safety for third parties' describes the specific rules and regulations for third parties. A distinction is made between various groups of third parties.

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