Student well-being improvement programme (SWIP)

At the UT we are working to improve student well-being within our community. Throught the Student well-being improvement programme (SWIP) we want to inspire and support continuous improvements with attention for student well-being within education, communication, support & guidance as well as within student life. Based on a widely supported vision on student well-being.

The programme is supported from 2022-2026 and will work closely together with other initiatives/programmes/platforms like Platform Student Guidance, Student Union, NPO (Nationaal Programma Onderwijs), Integral Safety, Diversity & Inclusion and employee well-being.


Recent studies show considerable percentages of students being distressed and suffering from depression, anxiety and loneliness. Covid-19 drew more attention to the fact that student well-being relates to physical health and social circumstances, as well as the student’s appraisal of the educational setting, communications, housing and financial conditions.

Plans and status

SWIP currently works based on the University Plan Student wellbeing 2019-2022. Just after approval of SWIP 2020 Plan (Phase 1), the organization became part of the Covid crisis organization of the University of Twente which shifted tasks and priorities. This situation lasted until Summer 2021. The NPO-plan related to study progress and student well-being was written under supervision of the steering committee of SWIP and is closely linked to SWIP.

Contact the SWIP Team

You can reach the programme via

Examples of programme products

Student well-being reports

This section provides reports related to student well-being, either from the UT or other Dutch student reports.


This section contains newsletters sent to stakeholders within the UT (associations and support staff) and is only visible for UT members after login

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