Psychosocial workload


Workload, unacceptable behavior and radical events

Psychosocial workload (In Dutch: PSA) is a collective term of risks that until recently were mainly covered in the Occupational Health and Safety Act under the terms welfare, sexual harassment, and aggression and violence. As of 2007, Psychosocial workload is arranged in the following topics:

  1. (sexual) intimidation,
  2. aggression and violence,
  3. bullying,
  4. workload.

The above elements can lead directly or indirectly to increased work stress. If one or more of these elements occurs to a greater or lesser extent, Psychosocial workload should be considered at risk. The employer should take preventive protective measures and inform employees of the risks of Psychosocial workload. Within the framework of Psychosocial workload, the UT has developed various activities and policies that are indicated below.


Workload is a spearhead in UT policy. In order to map this out, a plan of action has been drawn up. This document is available in Dutch.

Unacceptable behaviour

The University of Twente wants to offer everyone a socially safe environment. In such an environment, respect, integrity, honesty, and attention to each other are considered normal manners. Ensuring a socially safe environment requires an active contribution from everyone who works at the University of Twente, is a guest, studies or visits the institution: not only with regard to one's own behaviour, but also by having a vigilant attitude towards any kind of unacceptable behaviour that one notices. Within this code of conduct, the following is regarded as unacceptable behaviour: (sexual) harassment, aggression, violence, bullying and discrimination. The code of conduct is a form of preventive policy.

Aggression protocol

Aggression and violence are unacceptable and should always be reported. This aggression protocol describes how an employee should deal with aggressive behavior and who they can contact for help. This protocol first defines the various forms of aggression and violence, and discusses the underlying reasons. 

You are a victim or witness to physical, verbal and psychological aggression (including bullying) in the workplace or study place. In addition to physical pain, the verbal, physical and psychological aggression at work may lead to psychological pain and other health problems such as anxiety, sleep disorders, stomach pain and other psychosomatic complaints. Therefore, it is highly recommended to talk to a professional shortly after the incident.


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