Health improvement activities


Small changes can add up to big health benefits

The UT organizes various activities to help you gain a better overview of your lifestyle and improve it where necessary. An overview of these activities is provided below.

  • Dietician

    Many people are concerned with healthy living and eating. A dietician is the specialist in the field of nutrition linked to lifestyle and health and can best help you with questions, plans and adjustments.

    If you have a question about (healthy) food or food-related complaints, you can visit the consultation hour of dietician Marike ten Oever. She organizes a walk-in consultation hour every first Wednesday afternoon of the month. 20 minutes are reserved per person in which you can ask your question and if necessary a screening can be carried out.

    A screening can consist of measuring weight, BMI, fat%, waist measurement, blood pressure. On the basis of this information, she will provide personal advice and, if necessary, will provide information about a possible follow-up trajectory in the regular circuit.

    The walk-in consultation hour is not intended for regular dietician treatment, but it is intended as an accessible way to gain a first insight into your lifestyle and eating pattern and what a dietitian can possibly do for you.

    Location: UT Campus General Practice
    Campuslaan 99 7522 NE Enschede -

    For questions prior to the consultation hour, you can contact Marike ten Oever by e-mail:

    Register here
  • Chair massage


    A good massage helps you relax and loosens your muscles when you have to sit or stand in the same position for prolonged periods of time during your work. This is why the UT offers a chair massage to its staff. It concerns a well thought-out and effective pressure point massage of your back, shoulders, arms, hips, neck and head. 

    You are not required to undress and no oil is used. The massage is provided in a chair specially made for this purpose, is constructive in nature, provides you with a better awareness of your body and prevents a number of complaints. In addition, it improves blood circulation and stimulates the body's self-healing ability. 

    The UT chair massage summarized: 

    • twenty-minute massage 
    • preventive effect 
    • pressure points 
    • no need to undress 
    • on a custom-built massage chair 
    • stimulates awareness body 
    • improves blood circulation and health 

    We advise you to bring a bottle of water with you to your appointment. 

    So as to prevent waiting times and queues, register for the chair massage (see below link). 

    Keep in mind that many staff members would like to make use of the chair massage offer. We therefore request that you make use of the offer no more than once every 21 days. 

    Should you have any remaining questions, send them to


    The chair massage is given in the Gallery building, Ondernemingsloket 1.08, at physiotherapy practice Topvorm Twente (near the service desk in the central hall).

    “Please note, due to success, sometimes the available dates are all fully booked. We try to make new data available every week”

    Please note, on Monday (9.00-12.00h) your appointment is in the ITC building, Langezijds (Hallenweg 8)
    Make an appointment
  • Physiotherapy

    More information about physiotherapie on the University of Twente via Physiotherapy practice Topvorm Twente.

    Phone: 053-7676020


Please contact HR Services for any further questions. Tel 053 489 8011. 

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