Since 1 October 2018 UT works together with a new group of 5 photographers. These photographers will take care of all the (external) photography work for the UT, varying from portraits to atmospheric photos, news photos, research photos and educational photos. All have extensive experience in the photography profession and are therefore selected for their quality!

Below the photographers introduce themselves, you can find more information about the rates they apply and how you can contact them.

  • Portrait rights: We provide a quit claim form that you need to use when you are going to portray people, so that you have properly covered the rights to use the photo.
  • Properties: Every photo commissioned by UT remains property of UT. So every photo that has been uploaded in the image library is available for every purpose within the UT. When a third party is interested in photo material, it is mandatory to send a request to the photographer.
  • Collaborations: If you assign the order to a photographer as an employee of the UT, and you are collaborating with a third party for this project, you need to put pay agreements in the briefing.
  • Travel expenses reimbursement: €40 per hour excl. VAT (travelling time and transport costs, all-in) if the assignment is outside Enschede, but not on the UT campus nor other UT areas.

Photographer: Frans Nikkels
Frans Nikkels
Frans Nikkels

Frans Nikkels, born on October 7th 1969.

I am happily married, have two children and live in Enschede.

For over 20 years I have been working as a photojournalist / photographer for different regional and national newspapers in the Netherlands. Some years ago I taught photography at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Photography is always about portraits, people in their environment. Even when the object is a product, the human touch like a hand or a face will mostly be seen.

I use different lenses and perspectives and make sure that the lighting -whether it is natural, artificial or created with flash- is always at its most beautiful or focussed on the object, which is mostly a face.

Photography is writing with light, and there are a lot of different handwritings.

Prices (excl. VAT):

  • Half an hour: €60
  • Per hour: €90 
  • Day Rate: €600
  • Third parties: €75 per photo

View Frans Portfolio.

Photographer: Annabel Jeuring
Annabel Jeuring
Annabel Jeuring

My approach is natural in every situation and I always leave room for improvisation. That is the moment when you capture the excitement and the best image.

I own a personal and characteristic visual language and work preferably in day light.

I have been working as an independent photographer since 2004: Portraits, interior, mood/products, food and commercial photography. My clients are publicity agencies, architects, laboratories, governments and companies. I am a cheerful and social person, which comes in handy when making portrait photography.

Prices (excl. VAT):

  • Half an hour: €50
  • Per hour: €100 
  • Day Rate: €800
  • Third parties: €100 per photo

View Annabel's portfolio.

Photographer: Fokke Eenhoorn
Fokke Eenhoorn
Fokke Eenhoorn

Fokke Eenhoorn has been a photographer since 1987.

" 'People on location' is my speciality. Contact me if you need portraits and reportages. Photography to me is about translating the assignment in the best way. That means delivering photos that meet the technical and content requirements. Brainstorming and advising about the concept also contributes to that vision, but only if needed. What I hear from my clients a lot, is that I present myself professionally and friendly. They also say I have my own style: Natural, clean, with the right use of lighting. My goal is to make something special of every photo. That is what I am able to achieve for the University of Twente. "

Prices (excl. VAT):

  • Half an hour: €35
  • Per hour: €70 
  • Day Rate: €540
  • Third parties: €75 per photo

View Fokke's portfolio.

Photographer: Eric Brinkhorst
Eric Brinkhorst
Eric Brinkhorst

An introduction:
Eric Brinkhorst, 52 years old, has been working for more than 30 years as an independent Allround freelance photo journalist.

Currently lives in Beckum, but also based in Scheveningen for practical purposes. For years I have been capturing news, sports, reportages and portraits for the NRC, AD, ANP and Twentevisie.

I use that same journalistic approach for a wide range of markets like magazines and governments. Commercial photography is what I do as well. For some faculties at the University of Twente I am the "house photographer" for years now.

I make shots with drones since 2011. My drone is licensed (ROC-light). At the moment, I am head of the NVJ/NVF and board member of 'de zilveren camera'.

Prices (excl. VAT):

  • Half an hour: €60
  • Per hour: €120 
  • Day Rate: €960
  • Third parties: on request

View Eric's portfolio.

Photographer: Rikkert Harink
Rikkert Harink
Rikkert Harink

As a photographer I am always looking for a special angle for the subjects that I photograph. I try to capture that one distinctive moment in an image. I make contact easily and look closely at details.

My clients are mainly magazines, newspapers, educational institutions, governments and companies. I like to think about photography so that together we can achieve a good and beautiful result. Form and content play a major role in this. Portrait photography is one of my specialties. Those photos can also be made in my own photo studio.

Because of my journalistic background I would like to tell stories through photography. I know how to deal with light, whether it is daylight, artificial light or flash light.

Via the link below you can view a selection of my work.

Prices (excl. VAT):

  • Half an hour: €60
  • Per hour: €120 
  • Day Rate: €960
  • Third parties: €65 per photo

View Rikkert's portfolio.

Photography Guidelines

Photography is important in all communication materials in order to provide a powerful message. Within the templates, there are various options for the placement of photos. When an image is placed on a cover or another item, we only use large and powerful images. Compilation imagery is not part of the University of Twente’s visual language. The UT uses a number of good photographers, each with its own specialist area. You can download and view the photography guidelines below.

Guidelines Photography

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