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You can rent a car via UT. UT has entered into a contract with Munsterhuis that guarantees the best price-quality ratio. UT will stimulate the use of sustainable cars. Hence, 'green' vehicles will be offered at a discount with respect to the vehicles from other segments.

Order Method

In order to find out how to rent a vehicle, please read the vehicles manual (only accessible via the UT network). Use the reservation form to make your reservation and email the reservation form as described in the manual.

The reservation form is only for business rental. For private rent please contact Munsterhuis by mail or telephone.

Order Time

It is important to order as soon as possible, no later than one day before the lease date.


Costs for the delivery of vehicles and costs regarding insurance can also be found in the vehicles manual. The costs can be found in the overview (in Dutch) of rent vehicles (both links can only be accessed through the UT network).


Hilda Emmerich from Campus & Facility Management is responsible for contract management. The contract can be viewed at the Purchasing department.

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