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Procurement will stop handling purchase requests (OTA’s) as of 1 August 2021. This application can still be accessed as an archive until 1 January 2022. Make sure you save the documentation you still need somewhere else. From now on, go to to place an order. For more information on the usage of the P2P system, please visit

Orders for goods and services by creditcard will be handled by the Purchasing department. For proper and speedy order processing, it is important that the purchase request form (OTA form) is filled in and submitted correctly and completely.

1. Filling in an OTA form

An OTA form containing the following information (mandatory fields) must be filled in per supplier:

  • Link to desired items in the supplier’s online store (included in the ordering rules)
  • Amount and price per item excluding VAT  

2. OTA approval 

The budget holder or mandated approver will assess the OTA. A rejected OTA will be returned to the applicant. The OTA will be sent to the Purchasing department upon approval.  

3. OTA processing by the Purchasing department 

After approval, the OTA will be processed by the Purchasing department. The Purchasing department will perform the following checks (in accordance with the UT credit card regulations):

Does the supplier in question offer alternative ordering or payment methods? If there are alternatives, then the order will be placed according to the standard procedure.

Are there alternative suppliers who can deliver the required products without requiring payment via credit card? Alternatives will be proposed to the applicant and approver.

Are the indicated prices correct? If the difference between the total sum on the OTA and the order is more than 10%, then this will be reported to the applicant and the approver along with the request to re-evaluate the OTA.

Are there any additional costs (customs costs, shipping fees, etc.)? The Purchasing department will point this out to the applicant and approver and will ask for approval if the difference is more than 10%.The Purchasing department will place the order online after it has checked the OTA.  

4. Order confirmation 

The Purchasing department will receive an order confirmation from the supplier. The applicant will receive a copy of this order confirmation via email.  

5. Financial processing of the order by the Finance and Economic Affairs department (FIN


  • The OTA number is the reference number of a credit card order. Please provide this reference number when contacting the Purchasing department about your order. When consulting CEGOON (CEntraal GOederen ONtvangst), this number must also be provided (9 digits). 
  • Costs related to subscriptions, taking a course or a study programme and attending a conference or seminar (with accommodation) are not dealt with by the Purchasing department. The following payment options are available for these costs:o Payment with personal credit card and claiming the expenses (see the FIN expense claims procedure)o Requesting an advance (see FIN procedure)o Entering the order yourself (building De Spiegel, room 630). Payment is made with a central credit card of FIN. For authorization and control please fill in and sign the form 'verzoek tot creditcardbetaling'.  

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