Campus and Facility Management facilitates a contract for washing laundry. The contract concerns an agreement to provide sufficient flexibility in addition to quality. Contracting the desired quality at the most favourable price possible represents an advantage for the UT in terms of efficiency.

This handbook describes, amongst others, the collection points, how laundry should be supplied, and so on.

Collection points

Wasserij Korf collects and delivers the washing directly from/to a number of buildings at UT. The current direct collection points are:

  • Garage (central goods inwards)
  • ITC (Hengelosestraat 99, Enschede)

If there is no direct collection point at your building, you can drop the soiled laundry at the Service Desk in your building. They will put the laundry bag in a blue Post & Logistics distribution container and Wasserij Korf will then collect the laundry bag from central goods inwards (Garage). Post & Logistics will return the clean laundry to the Service Desk of your building.

Collection and drop off time

Wasserij Korf attends the university twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) to collect dirty laundry and deliver clean laundry.

Wasserij Korf collects and delivers laundry at the following times:

  • Tuesdays between 08.30 - 10.00 hours
  • Fridays between 08.30 - 10.00 hours

Supplying laundry for collection

Soiled laundry must be supplied in a laundry bag. This laundry bag must bear a clear label with the building name and internal bank account number. If the laundry (bag) has no label affixed, Wasserij Korf cannot collect it. Labelling is very important in respect of returning the clean laundry. Wasserij Korf will place the clean laundry in the laundry bag labelled with the building and internal bank account number so that it is clear to Post & Logistics to which building the laundry needs to go.

Cotton laundry bags bearing the department name and/or building name and internal bank account number can be ordered from Wasserij Korf.

Speed wash

If you require a speed wash, contact Wasserij Korf to arrange a time for the laundry to be returned. The minimum turnaround is generally 4 hours and the maximum turnaround is 24 hours. A speed wash will incur an additional charge of € 7.50.


A washing/dry cleaning rate per item (of clothing) has been agreed. This price is charged for every wash. You can find a price list in appendix 1. If a specific rate is not included in the price list, please contact Wasserij Korf. Prices exclude 21% VAT and are fixed for the duration of the contract.


Invoicing takes place monthly in arrears within 14 days of month end. A separate invoice is issued for each faculty/service department with an annex clearly showing what was sent to the laundry that month (broken down by department if applicable).


Registration of the washing supplied is wholly the responsibility of Wasserij Korf. Korf draws up checklists for each faculty/service department (whether or not broken down by department). However, it is advisable to check on an ad hoc basis whether the washing you supplied has been returned.

Complaints procedure

If you have complaints about the quality of cleaning, for example, or if your washing has not been returned in a timely fashion, contact Wasserij Korf on telephone number 074 – 2661738, or Hilda Emmerich in Procurement (Campus and Facility Management) on telephone number 6085, or email

If it concerns a structural complaint, contact Hilda Emmerich on telephone number 053 - 489 6085, or email Naturally, you can also always contact the Service Desk of your building.

Contract management

Chantal Hilgeholt in the Facility Department is responsible for the contract and Hilda Emmerich is the Contract Manager.

Contact details 

Wasserij Peter Korf
Oonksweg 38
7622 AW Borne
tel.: 074 2661738

Appendix 1 2017 Price List

  • Bath towel € 1,22
  • Towel € 0,40
  • Hand towel and tea towel € 0,59
  • Sheet € 1,93
  • Doily € 1,16
  • Overall € 2,11
  • Dress shirt € 2,79
  • Polo shirt € 1,97
  • Napkin € 0,43
  • Apron € 1,08
  • Long-sleeved shirt € 2,04
  • Gym shorts € 1,11
  • Bedspread 1 p € 11,16
  • Tablecloth € 1,30
  • Table cover € 3,53
  • Work trousers € 1,78
  • Work jacket € 2,82

Prices exclude VAT.

Laundry is collected and delivered.

The days will be agreed.

We do not charge for transport.

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