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Following a European tender, the Facility Department entered into a contract with Xerox for printing/copying and repro services. The contract encompasses all decentralised equipment (multifunctional printers) in the buildings and copyshops. You can find more information about the contract in the links below.

Xerox costs/price list

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Xerox copy shop contact information

Service Center Carré
Telefoonnummer: (053-489) 2485
Hours: weekdays 9.15-13.00 and 13.30-15.30 (adjusted hours during summer holidays)

Service Center Student Union
Telefoonnummer: (053-489) 4215
Hours: see website Unionshop

Service Center ITC
Telefoonnummer: 053 4874387
Hours: weekdays 8.30 - 12.30 (closed during summer holidays) 

Site Supervisor: Petro Loonen
Phone number: +31 (0)478 52 55 69

Projectmanager: Huib de Vries 

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